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Are you in . . .



This is likely not what you may at first think.

It has nothing whatsoever to do

With religious beliefs,

Or even end of life.


It has everything to do with . . .


While here on earth.


If there are eruptions - feuds - volatile events taking presence in your life,

Either surprisingly within you yourself, your inner being,

Or the world you find yourself immersed within,

This can throw you into a deep tailspin inwardly.

ESPECIALLY if youe are awakening.


The problem here,

If you want to think of it that way - is NOT "THE BATTLE".

And by assuming THAT is what we need to 'fix' or 'right' or 'resolve' . . .

We wholly MISS the point of this very powerful time.


For you see, these events come,

And we quite often are wholly taken by surprise.

But there were signs - and we knew they were there.

So this is an event that comes . . . WITH PURPOSE. 

And it holds SACRED PRESENCE, too.


Hard as that can be to SEE and to BELIEVE

When you are in the throes of what is coming at you,

It helps to first understand that . . . there is a deeper,

More soulful purpose  AT PLAY.


Finding that - seeing that - embracing that purpose

Will change absolutely everything for you about

The battle or tumult you find yourself within.


It also will clarify for you the highest path forward,

Enabling you to complete the event while

Fulfilling YOUR highest purpose

Within its meaning.


By honoring its purpose and presence, its meaning and intent,

You remove yourself from human concerns such as

Being liked, being understood, and being a part of

The same relationships you held before,

At least in the same way.


And, most likely, this event comes as A CLARIFYING STRIKE OF LIGHT.

Almost like A LIGHTNING BOLT, it comes to shine such a bright light

That something hidden can no longer remain so,



So what to do?

When these times find you . . . and find you they will,

As your vibrational frequency rises and your spiritual power expands.

You will be called into service - The Service Of Light -

In ways you never dreamed.


And, by honoring your own Light,

You will make your way truly and powerfully

THROUGH this event - with YOUR integrity, YOUR light,

And YOUR SOUL PURPOSE for being there . . . wholly honored and intact.


It may feel as if the world itself has turned upside down and inside out -

Topsy turvy and beyond.  And it may well have! 


But finding YOUR HIGHEST LIGHT WITHIN to guide and illuminate you

Through these shadows and unexpected turmoil is not just WISE -

It is INCREDIBLY NECESSARY - in order to make it through with

YOUR LIGHT and YOUR PEACE at the forefront of this event.

So let's do!


You see, THE EVENT itself is A BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL.  Even if it primarily seems to be about THE BATTLE FOR ANOTHER SOUL - which it may well be! - for you, this is about YOU being called to LIVE MORE TRULY and TO REFLECT MORE PURELY . . . THE SOUL OF LIGHT YOU TRULY ARE WITHIN.

In a wicked - or magical! - way of the universe (depending on your view and how you see it) . . . it's often both.  The TEMPEST brews in such a powerful way as to draw into it - like the eye of a storm - two souls being required through this event TO TAKE A DEEP LOOK AT THEMSELVES . . . and, in doing so, to find THE TRUER PART OF THEMSELVES.  It is THAT TRUE LIGHT which is asking to come forth, to be seen, to be brought out of the shadows AND TO BE KNOWN - by you!

And the fire and the power, the tumult and the tempest of the event, is literally DESIGNED to rock your world.  To shake it loose from its foundations of what you thought your life was about - and most importantly - WHO YOU SAW YOURSELF TO BE.

And, make no mistake, the revelations here ARE STUNNING.  They usually are not the soft and warm and fuzzy kind.  If they were, we'd have already found them and embraced them as their own.  But WHAT THEY TRULY ARE . . . is this:  some part of your LIGHT ready to live its TRUEST POWER.  And this event comes to shake you loose and wake you up and force you to both see and to choose if you are going TO HONOR - the power of LIGHT that lives within you.

It's a powerful thing - there's no way to escape that.  OR IT!  Even if you try to step through it without igniting any explosions or mines, something else will take care of that for you.  Something flowing beneath the surface will release a storm you did not see coming.  BUT THIS STORM comes as a bearer of a huge and BEAUTIFUL GIFT.  One that is designed and created solely OUT OF LOVE - entirely for YOUR BENEFIT and WELL BEING (hard as that may be to see at the moment).  And . . . one that WILL TRANSFORM you into more of your own TRUEST AND HIGHEST LIGHT . . . if you let it.

And that is the thing.  Whatever the surface or human contentions of this event before you are about . . . . ultimately . . . it carries within it the potential to be that SACRED PHOENIX Moment Of Light.  A TIME OF UTMOST TRANSFORMATION . . . for you.  Of you.

It is an event that comes forward to ask you to TRANSFORM - POWERFULLY SO! - in some way.  And to do that, you will first be asked to take one of the deepest, longest, most inward looks at yourself that you likely ever have.  And it is not about seeing your faults or finding your inner praise - it's about LISTENING TO THAT VERY HIGHEST LIGHT within you . . . and, in doing so, to find and step into A GIFT that has been waiting for you there for a very long time.  A new, powerful part of YOUR TRUEST LIGHT that is wishing and yearning - AND READY! - to be now born.

The mistake we can all make during these times . . . is to think this is ABOUT the human thing.  Or the other BEING.  I promise you, ultimately - for you? - it's not.  It's about finding a higher part of yourself, and doing the work to be able TO LIVE THAT - TRULY and PURELY - through all that is to come, whatever that may be, and for your life beyond that ever more.

It is literally A HOLY THING.  Just remember that the REAL battle . . . is for you to step through your fears, find this new higher and truer part of yourself . . . and not just SEE it.  But give voice to it.  And live it . . . FOREVER MORE.  Do that?  And I promise you this:  YOU WILL look back at this turbulent, raw, volatile time of enormous energy . . . as a pivot point in your life that wholly allowed you to TRANSFORM into WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

And that?  Is a gift every soul on this planet awaits.  Is it time . . . TO RECEIVE YOURS?!



Include any notes you like about your situation in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with information about how we will proceed together to reveal . . . THE BATTLE'S GIFT.  We will discover something your soul wishes desperately for you to know - to see - and TO EMBRACE!  So that you can TRANSFORM into more of WHO YOU TRULY ARE!  And that is not just a good thing, a soulful thing, a magical thing - IT IS, in the end, A HAPPY THING!


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