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CUSTOM Baby Woollies - Mandalais Soul*Prints

$ 11.11

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how sacred - how magical - let's just say it, shall we?, how DIVINE . . . a creation these are.

I never intended to make one.  Really.  I wouldn't have thought it possible or wise.  I would have been wrong.

You see, MY BABIES OF LIGHT came to me one day - and requested something new.  This was not unusual, you see, for BABIES OF LIGHT guide you for aeons - through conception (which is so much earlier than we know), through pregnancy (don't get me started about that!) and into birth.

On this day, something new was important to these sweet and precious souls.  A BLANKET OF LIGHT.  Now, at first, I admit - I did not quite understand.  I had already knitted them, each one, their own blanket of light.  A Celestial Creation woven of wool, celestial energies - and love like no other.

But, no - patient they tend to be with their not-quite-getting it mother . . . they wanted something special.

Come to find out . . . they wanted A MANDALAIS - their soul print of light - for their cradles.  Having already created several in different forms for them . . . that could hang in the nursery, I was promptly corrected.  NO.  THIS IS NEW.

Well, creative little wise beings that they are . . . they inspired this.

A Mandalais woven of wool tufts in their chosen and soul-reflective colors and blends.  Their Own Flower Of Light Soul Blueprint . . . woven in wool.  Well.  I never.  No - literally - I had never thought of such a thing.  Come to find out, these are PRECIOUS to babies of light.  They can be backed with a bit of fabric, and laid on top of their cradles or cribs just like a mini-blanket.  Think of it as . . . A SOUL BLANKET.  Something which wafts over them while they sleep, a pure reflection of their soul's own inner light.  THEIR SOUL's BLUEPRINT OF LIGHT covering them in perfect harmony, stillness and bliss.

They can also be backed and filled with a pillow form.  Resting and snuggling in the corner of the crib, an ever present, emanating energy - think of it as a mirror to them - of their soul's light.  I know, moms today worry about pillows in the crib.  If you have a sacred soul such as a baby of light nearby . . . trust me, there's no need to worry.

These are also wonderful creations for any child's soul who wants a level or depth of peace and inner knowing which seems to be missing from their lives.

In a word - these are PURE MAGIC.  BORN OF LOVE.  GIFTED TO THE WORLD . . . from my babies of light.  INDEED !

Because these are . .. SOUL* PRINTS of LIGHT for NEW SOULS . . . I'm not giving you a complete picture of one here.  The image above was just the beginning . . . but you get the idea.  That one went on to become one of the SOUL*PRINTS OF LIGHT for one of my very own babies.  And I can say without a doubt . . . it's one of THE sweetest gifts in their room - by far.  And then some! ;- )

Blessings of magic and light to you and all the babies around.


This listing is for ONE CUSTOM CREATED woolen mandalais for a very special soul.  These contain and even create, in a way, the new soul's blueprint of light, which is perfectly reflected in a physical way by the pattern, the color and the design chose.  We receive the creation from the child's soul.  These take some time, are wholly guided by the new soul's Light - and will come to you at the perfect time.

You may add in an upgraded fabric backing if you like, to complete the gift.  And you may also add an additional fabric option which allows us to make a pillow envelope for this creation, allowing you to insert a pillow form at any time, if you so choose.  The Child's Light will choose the fabric(s) for us.

Finally, because these are just so precious as gifts, if you wish to ADD A WISDOM PEEK Into The Soul's Light for this child, you may.  Because the soul is here with me as I create, I have this beautiful, soulful time of getting to know them.  They often tell me just what they most would love us to know about them, their journey and their TRUE LIGHT.  Yes, this is pure magic.  AND LOVE!

Oh my, these are sacred wonders of light.  Both the child . . . and these woolen reflections of their soul print.  ENJOY!

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