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Babies Of Light - "THE INVITATION" Part 2<br>"CALLING ALL EARTH ANGELS"<br>FREE Awakenings Video

Babies Of Light - "THE INVITATION" Part 2
FREE Awakenings Video

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To understand our truest, deepest destiny - we must first allow our SOUL and ESSENCE to reveal that which we truly are.  Choosing to be MORE of that opens doorways within us, and windows surrounding us, which change not only the way we see the world around us - but ourselves.

Here, we come to see and to know that everything which has come into being in our life held a very special, magical - AND PERFECT - purpose.  When we embrace WHO WE TRULY ARE - completely - then no one and no thing is holding us back, nor an impediment to  our path.  IT IS ONLY WE who can distract from the beautiful flow of light which came to reveal our destiny to us.

Earth angels? 

They're taking form now.

Are you ready?  Are you one? 



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