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Awakening . . . The Goddess Light IN YOU

Awakening . . . The Goddess Light IN YOU

$ 444.00

This is radical.

Transformation . . . OF YOU. 

This is a very special listing  -  a gift, in a way, that each of us will in some way, on some day give to ourselves.
It is a movement forward, yes.  It is a release of extraordinary baggage, yes.  And it is all about ONLY YOU.
You see, this listing came forth in a special way.  Contrary to our modern culture . . . OUR TRUE INNER LIGHT not only respects, but CELEBRATES, our every phase of existence.  To OUR ESSENCE . . . birth is no more precious than "old age".  Everything in between is as sweet and as powerful as that moment right before we came to earth.
Believe me, when I say, this CONNECTION we touch inside you for this listing is beyond life-altering.  It's actually . . . about freeing the full matrix of your most GODDESS self.
What does this mean?
Hold onto your seat, because it means . . . dissolving some pretty strong tethers . . . which are the very things that keep YOU from living the truth of your own Goddess self.
If you're ready to be amazed at how TRULY BEAUTIFUL, EXTRAORDINARILY POWERFUL, and UTTERLY PERFECT your own true soul's light really is . . . then join me.  Our modern society is all about looking younger, thinner, healthier, stronger.  But actually :- ) YOUR GODDESS LIGHT has a wholly different pathway to reveal to you.  One that allows you to truly blossom and bloom - no matter your age or circumstances.
Oh, this is a beautiful connection.  One hour - $150.  Then the only choice for you is this:  ARE YOU READY TO EMBRACE . . .  THE GODDESS WITHIN YOU!

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