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Awakening Light - Shimmers Abound

Awakening Light - Shimmers Abound

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As you begin opening and expanding in one of our classes or using one of our sacred essences . . . soulful magic happens.  The full-bodied, unexpected kind.  And a moment often comes when . . . you feel and see many wonderful things beckoning to you and for you as you continue on, finding new things in our shoppe which suddenly CALL OUT TO YOU .  THE NEXT STEP, for you, is now asking to be chosen from within a rapidly expanding array of light that seems to be calling to you from every direction.

In a nutshell - you peruse the offerings of light as guided and find that many feel like THE RIGHT ONE.  THE PERFECT ONE.  Perhaps one comes, then another, then another - too many to narrow down.  While this can be frustrating for the mind, it's actually a good sign.  You're picking up LOTS OF SHIMMERS - and they are all perfect for you.  You are vibrating in harmony to new helpers, new tools, new guides if you will . . . who come to augment the path you are on in the class, with your sacred essence or elixir, etc.

So what do you do?  When there was just a barely-there-trickle before . . . it was easier, perhaps, to see and know which one to do, which gift was yours next to be blessed by.  But what happens when that trickle becomes a river, raging by you in all its sparkly light - what then?

This listing is for those times, for those of you, who open a gateway during our class and then - well, get flooded, so to speak.  If you truly feel unable to FIND THE ONE THAT IS SPARKLING BRIGHTEST in the vast display of shimmers you have ignited :- ), celebrate!  You have opened a starburst of light available to you.  And we can help you cut down the noise and find THE NEXT SHIMMER from what you are feeling and sensing - we'll help you discern THE ONE.  THE ONE that comes next.

Remember - these awakenings are not linear - they are spherical and full-bodied.  In most given moments there is a highest shimmer, but it can shift from moment to moment.  Moving into the center of oneness helps the light to stabilize in such a way that "THE PERFECT SHIMMER" becomes the brightest.  I'm here to help you know that shimmer if you find yourself unable to choose.

And, remember this, too - there was likely a time when the shimmers didn't come quite so fast and furiously.  This is a good thing!  This listing is designed to help you make it so.  I will connect with your highest light and give you its answer for . . . THE HIGHEST NEXT CHOICE for you from all the shimmering gifts you might be choosing to accompany you on this next part of your path.  Fairies, nests, artwork, stories, books, cards, essences, soulful mandalais . . . believe me when I say . . . the options are endless here.  As your soul has designed.  But we can KNOW the perfect one for you for the next part of your awakening.  And I'm happy to discover that for you . . . from all the shimmers you are feeling . . . if you feel you want some help.

Continuing on your journey is important in awakenings of the soul.  Because SPIRIT is ever-expanding.  So this listing is created to help you to continue moving forward when it is time.  Even if the shimmers are more than you can easily choose from within.  YOUR SOUL KNOWS.  And I know your soul.  ENJOY finding the next perfect companion for the newest part of your awakening journey in our class.  And then continue to fly!


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