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Awakening Light - LET GO . . .

Awakening Light - LET GO . . .

$ 333.00

This is a very powerful listing.  It holds a gift - just for you.  When . . . you're ready.

As you take our classes, you unfold inner doorways and outer pathways which take you to your truest life.  That threshold right before your truest life . . . awaits you now.  And it is almost certainly NEVER QUITE WHAT YOU THINK. OR BELIEVE.  OR YET KNOW.

That's part of the magic of our classes.  And, too, that's part of the wisdom of your essence or soul.  Some things . . . are simply not told.  Not revealed.  Not known . . . until a special moment appears.

So it is quite possible to be on a magical, potent path of awakening . . . and suddenly find within one of our classes that it begins to feel as if . . . YOUR LIFE IS SHIFTING.  Were this a physical event, you would immediately search for . . . HIGHER GROUND.  That's just how this feels . . . as if the very foundation of your life itself beneath your feet is somehow crumbling, dissolving away.

You can't run and you can't hide. Remember, you have ignited this very transformation as a deep and beautiful gift of PURE LOVE from within yourself - from your soul.  YOUR ESSENCE aches - quite literally! - to give you this gift.

So what to do when you've been happily surfing the waves of light and all of a sudden . . . you no longer really know where you are?  WHO you are?  And, perhaps most compellingly - where you are going?

What if all of that guiding knowing seems to have been lost in a cloud of mist and a fog of light which seems to be . . . dissolving all you thought you knew about where this path of light was leading.  Where it takes you - is always up to your soul.  Do not fret when . . . the vision of where that leads shifts.  It can be a compelling thing.

Like being on a hike, rounding a curve, and suddenly you are enveloped in a fog and mist so thick you cannot even see your feet.  That feeling . . . of not knowing where you are, where you are going, and how to take your next step because YOU CANNOT SEE your feet?  That's priceless.  It's a whole new level of light, of spirit - and, for you - of magical awakening.

Stop.  Breathe.  Wait.

This listing comes for those moments when you suddenly feel - where am I?  How did I get here?  Why is everything I thought I knew about my sacred path suddenly . . . not sticking?  Impossible to see?  We can move through this, together, you and I.  YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN - and I hope that you do!

But for those of you who really WANT TO KNOW what is happening to your most sacred life path - when it seems, like the matrix, to be morphing and dissolving before your very eyes . . . then I invite you to use this listing to give you the gift of LISTENING to a new call.  It comes on a new frequency and vibration that you yourself may not be attuning to yet.  But it is there.  I'm happy to share it with you, if you feel it is beyond your grasp.

And then?  Well, then you really get to FLY!  Soaring is not at all about setting a destination or coordinate and lifting off.  Soaring is something else altogether.  It is surrender to the unseen and invisible knowing which resides . . . just beyond the bend.

You'll see.  All is well.  Trust that.  And if you want - or need - to truly know that in more depth, in more detail?  This listing is for you.  A magical, mystical vortex has arrived.  It has opened up right before you.  Step into it . . . with a guiding hand from me.  I've been through many of these - they are inspiring - magical - alchemical.  And nothing like what you imagine.  They are so much more . . . and, yes, they will ask everything of you.  But you're ready.  You're up to that task.  That's what this listing is designed to share with you.  You'll see!


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