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Awakening Light - HELP!

Awakening Light - HELP!

$ 222.00

This is a fun listing!  No - really :- ), it truly is.

As you continue your journey through a class, or a group of our classes, there comes a time.  I'm not going to hide it from you.  And I'm not going to sugar coat it.  You break through into a new field of light.  That's a good thing, but oh my goodness, you can feel as if it will break you.

The messages, the shimmers, the guidances for how to proceed next within the class - or even on to the next class - can be a tornado that takes you into a vortex you are not sure you can ever emerge from within.  You can.  You just have to understand that - rather than enveloping you to knock you off your foundation - it is there to open new doorways and pathways within you.

There is no way to silence this force - it is a tool of your soul.  But what you can do is this:  you can move into a state of oneness within the vortex, and allow the spinning, spiraling flashes of light to merge with you.  When you do this, then things take on a whole new perspective.  Not unlike the eye of a hurricane, the center here holds peace - stillness - and a magical knowing.

I go to this space a lot.  It's not for the faint of heart - but it IS possible to melt into and come out on the other side with the knowledge you need to choose what your soul is highlighting.  You'll then KNOW - not guess, but KNOW - not hope, but KNOW - exactly what your soul is asking you to take with you forward on your journey from here.

Feel free to go there yourself.  If you're not sure you can - or feel led to not go there - I'm happy to do it for you.  This will help you to move forward in your current class - or on to the next one - with perfect knowing.

And that is a precious, magical thing.  ESPECIALLY when you find it in the midst of an impossible vortex.  And that is exactly what we do - this listing is for you!


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