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Awakening Light - First Step

Awakening Light - First Step

$ 177.00

This is a magical, sparkling offering.  As you begin to prepare to take one of our classes, or if you are just beginning the process of expanding your own vibration - we have something very special for you.

At times like these, there can seem to be an infinite body of light shimmering before you.  Your mind won't know where to go or turn, and will likely be overwhelmed or flooded with the full potential staring back at you.  Don't worry - this is a good thing!  It helps your mind to step back and say . . . not my cup of tea.

In that open space, your heart and spirit can be heard more clearly and their guiding hand felt more strongly.  So what is . . . THE FIRST STEP . . . for you in this very soulful awakening path before you?  It's different for each person, each soul, you see.  The most shimmering path for you is yours and yours alone - unique and rare - scripted just for you. 

And so, for those of you who are truly committed and honestly ready to begin this most sacred of journeys - but feel uncertain quite where to begin . . . this listing is an opening to get you started, and across the threshold.  A 90-minute "conversation" with your soul and highest inner knowing, along with all manner of invisible higher-vibrational beings sent to help, guardian, and accompany you on this wonderful expansion you are embarking upon.

LIGHT is a deep pool of possibility and wisdom.  The path in and the order is attuned, in this way, perfectly for you by spirit and your soul.  Here you will begin the journey by learning WHAT YOUR SPIRIT would most have you know, see, understand or focus on.

Often, this connection is filled to overflowing with revelations and things you never knew.  At the same time, it gives you an amazing opportunity to allow YOUR SPIRIT or ESSENCE to laser-beam your focus onto a certain energy - perfect for you - so that you can begin with eyes wide open and heart fully centered in the very best and highest of alignments for you.

When you do this, you will come to know which AWAKENING GIFT (which class) is best for you.  It will shimmer, glimmer, beckon and call to you.  And if you are to take other vibrational creations with you on this magical journey, you will be drawn to any one of the ever-expanding creations of light offered here on our shoppe.  Whatever you need - will be here when you need it.  :- )  And you will begin to feel that invisible guiding hand taking your own . . . and saying, here you go.  This is next.  This is right.  This is for you.

We welcome these connections with you - and for you - as you begin the journey of awakening into all you truly came to be.  And as you go forward on the journey, you will find other expansion gifts are offered here (below) as well.  Do you see?  Your soul and spirit has told me every single thing to create and make available . . . so that you have all your soul could possibly want to support you on this journey.  It's magic, yes.  And soulful connection of the deepest kind.

My creations come forth . . . to bless this journey for you in a very special, rare and unique way.  Created JUST FOR YOU.  ENJOY whatever speaks to your heart or calls to you in some magical way.  It's the one - or two - or three ;- ) . . .  created especially for you.  You'll see!


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