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There may always come
Times in our lives when
We feel lost. 

When we flounder.  When we don't know which way to turn, or even what step to take - to make things right, to move forward on our path, to make what is the highest and best choice for us and those we love.  THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL, if you think about it, is often what we seek and yearn for - and often what we can struggle, at times, to discern.

It is here, in this space of yearning TO KNOW, TO SEE, TO FATHOM something more clearly . . . that our questions can be a gift.  They hold, for us, quite often - THE KEY.  And so, in a way, THAT UNANSWERED QUESTION - or PRAYER! - is a lifeline.  Something which connects us to the STRAND of what will come that will illuminate our way, help us to understand, and create a more clear sense of knowing . . .  of how - and when - or even IF - to proceed.

These are,

At their heart,

POWERFUL soul moments. 

Where our lives intersect with our SPIRIT.  With that part of us that can see beyond, feel the depths, and know the unknowable about what lies ahead, and within, us all.

If you find yourself in such a space, then for those very rare times when you truly feel you DO NOT KNOW - which way to turn, how to take your next step, where the promise or purpose of your next moment of life lies - then this is a gift you can give yourself.

Though I BELIEVE with all my heart that Every Soul has all they need inside themselves, I have been witness to the power - not to mention THE MAGIC - that sharing these moments with someone who can see clearly, hear truly, and sense purely . . . can hold.

And it just exactly THAT which ASKED & ANSWERED offers to you.  One question - and one answer. 

True *pure * deep
- And  very simple -
From the highest realms of light.

What you do with it, and what comes after, is wholly up to you.  But you move forward having ignited a moment with a very special SPARK.  A Gift that we rarely have the capacity to feel and see and know - AN ANSWER that comes from beyond.

If that is where you find yourself . . . then this is your SPARK.



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