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People often ask me about my life.  My work.  My knowings.

But what they really want to know is something else.  How can something so ordinary, someone so normal, change so much - transform so greatly - just through the conversations of the heart.

And that is - EVER - the magic and miracle of Light, Your Essence, and LOVE.

This is a fun listing.  It came about in honor of one of my neighbors.  I love to walk at night, and for her birthday gift, she got to choose one of about a dozen physical, material things I had made for her the previous months . . . or a moonlight walk together.  She could join me for my soulful, solitary walk through my neighborhood, where I just immerse myself in the magic of my soul and the natural world around me.

She chose that walk.  And that stunned me, actually!  But I had said to her, in offering the walk as another gift she could choose for her very special birthday:


 This has been our pattern in our talks about Light and Love and Spirit for years now.  But we haven't been having them in quite a while, as that opening seemed to be closing.  And so this presented an opportunity to return to the magic and power of some of our first moments together. 

It is rare, actually, to meet someone who - with you and to you - is a completely open book.  NO secrets, no hidden agendas, and no layers kept beneath the surface.  And believe you me, I had secrets to keep, lol!  But true to my word, I answered her every question when we first met and it forged the deepest of bonds.  One that feels far more like family - than just friend or neighbor.  In fact, I think of this woman as my sister now - and always will.  That close.  That special.  That truly a part of my energetic and soulful life.

And so this is that same GIFT

For those of you who feel drawn into the energies and wisdoms which are the foundation of our shop.  Who are curious about how these creations chose me and the path I had to traverse to honor them.  Who want to know the deeper truths below the surface of every comment or creation here.

This body of work - this site or shop - is our soul.  It carries our heart and our soul, which inspired it, governed its creation and that of everything appearing in it.  Not the least of which are several miracles just waiting to be revealed.

So - if your heart truly yearns to know something - you may ask me anything.  In doing so, you will receive my truest, deepest knowing of Life - and Light - in reply.  No topic is off the table.  Just ask.  I'm sure the answer . . . may just surprise us both!

Magic Reveals Itself in the most Illuminating of Ways sometimes.
May this listing bring you . . . just THAT!

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