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06 "ANOINTED" Sacred Essence

06 "ANOINTED" Sacred Essence

$ 33.00


Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences
Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love
Rarely encountered in this realm.


This ESSENCE is called "ANOINTED".  It holds within it an opening to the most SACRED of energies.  When you are ready to truly WALK THE PATH of BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE . . . this essence is a potent and magical thing.  It infuses and imbues your life with THE HIGHEST OF LIGHTS.  They twinkle and sparkle and weave themselves through your most surface beingness.  In the end, your outer being and life CAN TRULY match your inner one.  And this essence promotes THAT . . . BEING a space of highest light.

In an extraordinary twist of fate - or shall I say DESTINY??? - this essence was created seemingly by mistake.  When I found what she was up to, well . .  I almost cried.  There are times along the path when we truly NEED and WANT to dedicate ourselves - TO THE LIGHT, TO THE PATH, TO OUR OWN INNER HIGHEST EXPRESSION.  This is that ESSENCE.  Embrace her with wonder.  She comes to help you to CONSECRATE YOUR EVERY BREATH - AND YOUR LIFE ! - into the expression of your own deepest LIGHT. 

Yes, anointed . . . INDEED!


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