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"An Invitation . . . To Expand Your Vision" - A CHARMED CLASS

"An Invitation . . . To Expand Your Vision" - A CHARMED CLASS

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There is a way . . . to expand your vision.  TO SEE that which seems invisible - impossible - or non existent.  TO OPEN your heart to all the wonder, beauty and magic of the unseen realms.

They are not separate from us.  They live within, and around, us all.  Our world is surrounded by, and created from, that very same energy.  WE ARE THE SAME as all that which we do not see.

But we can!  Our Vision is not controlled by our eyes alone.  Just ask your brain.  If it chooses for you NOT to see something - you will not.  Our brain operates with complex filters in place, deciding what WE NEED TO KNOW - NEED TO SEE - NEED TO BE AWARE OF.  Not unlike our modern media, if you think about :- ), the full menu of life is distilled down to, quite simply, that which is deemed important.

HOWEVER - what passes beyond those filters - holds the greatest power to imbue our lives with truth, meaning, purpose.  And something even more powerful - LOVE.  You see love has a filter all its own - it finds, and sees, the light in every moment - every circumstance - every unfolding.  And what does that light hold?  Blessings * gifts * truths . . . things which come forth to help introduce us to our better selves.  Our greater selves.  Our Truer Selves.

It's easy to expand your vision - and yet, it can be a life long process.  You begin - and then it takes you into ever-higher realms of consciousness, revealing newer and truer and deeper forms of life.  Oh, it is magical.  And it is enchanting.  But more than these . . . IT IS REAL!

This is an invitation . . . to come meet all that which you have missed, ignored, forgotten.  How could you not be touched by all the life which your brain has been filttering out?  Touched - and transformed! 

The Invitation is here - and it is yours.

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