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A Year Of Light! - Monthly Offering to Expand Your Essence, Raise Your Vibration, and SOAR!

A Year Of Light! - Monthly Offering to Expand Your Essence, Raise Your Vibration, and SOAR!

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Oh My.  Well, this was a surprise.  I wasn't expecting it.  It fluttered in as if on invisible wings.  It settled on my heart - while I was looking elsewhere.  So it decided to announce itself to me in a very special way. 

It began . . . whimpering.  Ok, now, I know what you must be thinking - what on earth?!  It did get my attention, I can tell you that - when I heard some unseen, unknown voice issuing a whimper from inside me.  Soft - tender - not even wholly sad . . . more like . . . COME ON NOW!  PAY ATTENTION!

So . . . I did.  Here's what came.  A very special creation wished to be announced.  It was ready to come forth and yet, I was not even aware it was coming.  Enter . . . THE WHIMPER.  Something to get my attention and interrupt what I was working on - another, different, sacred creation, I'll have you know!  It's not as if I was napping or piddling - I was working, alright?!?!?!?

But alas . . . spirit has a timing all its own.  And spirit's creations follow that lead.

What came is this:

A wonderful opportunity to place yourself right at the cutting edge of LIGHT.  A way to expand your inner being - raise your vibration, move through your fears, and begin creating the life of joy and purpose which your soul is just DYING to live.


It's simple.  There are a million paths, and you'll find nearly an infinite number of them to choose from in our shoppe.  But this one?  It's special.  You don't actually have to do anything - up front - to prepare.  JUST COMMIT - and show up.

Each month, a brand new, vibration expanding ESSENCE will be mailed to you.  Designed especially by YOUR SOUL for the deep and powerful transformations just waiting for you to begin this magical, alchemical journey.  These will take you to new levels of LIGHT - they will invite you into deep inner transformations - and they will escort you to the depths of your inner being where . . . alchemy awaits.  That alchemy?  IS ALL ABOUT LIVING HERE ON EARTH as who you truly are - and giving your gifts to the world.  Those soul gifts you harbor deep in your soul are rare - unique - and needed.

But to give them, you truly do have to create and honor an inner/outer alignment.  So that your physical, outer vibration can reflect our true inner vibration.  So that the doorway opens and your truest gifts begin flowing out into the world - because YOUR TRUEST SELF is finally set free.

This is alchemy, yes.  But it's not hard.  You simply use the essence created especially that month for you.  All those who join and subscribe to this year-long journey of magic receive the same essence.  And how can that be the perfect one for each of you?  Because it is self-integrating.  But more than that, these are truly rare - and magical.  They hold THE NEW ENERGIES OF LIGHT being released each month by cosmic, celestial beings and forces . . . to help us all expand in rapid, powerful, and beautiful ways.  They are new harmonics of Light - specially created and offered to the world in this physical dimension - from beyond.

They are potent.  They are powerful.  They are life-altering.  And they are the simplest, easiest thing you can do to intentionally, powerfully, and cosmically raise your vibration.  Doing so - changes everything.  About your life, the world you see, and YOURSELF.

It's time. Join us.

How does it work?  To join, add this listing to your cart.  That enrolls you for the first month, and we will send you the new essence for the following month.  The last week of each month thereafter, you will receive an email reminder and a link to the shoppe, so that you can add the next month's essence.  Once you purchase that month's essence, it ships to you as soon as available.  If you choose not to purchase one month, you will be removed from future notices automatically.  And you can continue for as long as you like, stop whenever you like - simply by purchasing or not purchasing the next month's link.

Ready?  It's time to SOAR!

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