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TRINE 01 - "A SACRED TRINITY" Of Light . . . 3  Celestial Essences

TRINE 01 - "A SACRED TRINITY" Of Light . . . 3 Celestial Essences

$ 123.00

In a spectacular revelation,

These three essences came to be.

They were not shy - they were not humble -

They were powerful, and potent, in their knowing . . .



They are a precious, sacred gift.

Perhaps, for thee?


I can say this about our first complete, revealed TRIAD OF LIGHT.  They are spectacular!  Each essence is a potent force of spirit on her own . . . but joined together, in purpose and presence . . . oh my!

These are the most soulful, most celestial things we have created yet.  And I say that not lightly, as our standard here is such a high frequency that, well . . . it's almost always the highest light frequency we've ever known.  Each one tops the next, birthing cascading, escalating vibrations of pure light.  ONENESS.  LOVE sans fear.

This family of special essences are incredibly transformative.  BE ready.  They do not take NO for an answer.  Nor do they allow time for worry or fret.  Pointless, and unworthy of you as a being of light, those energies are banished - quite literally - from your sphere.


These three solid light frequencies which rival sacred geometry in their purposes - and their power.  Infinite?  YES.  Eternal presence?  YES.  Here to undo all you think is true of your world?  OH YES!

You see, these three come to begin the process of releasing what is not really a part of your soul's truest expression.  Then, in that emptiness, a sacred womb is created to welcome in that which TRULY IS a part of your most sacred life.  And finally . . . it all takes form in a magical, mystical vortex which says to anyone who asks . . . I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.  This is MY SOUL using its wings.

The three essences
That comprise this SACRED TRINITY are:
"PURGE" - as powerful and potent as she sounds
"FAIRY DROPS" - a most ethereal, magical element of your soul's alchemy
"HARNESS" - the celestial and metaphysical energies which HARNESS LIGHT to fulfill the destiny's path you came to invoke.


Are you ready?  THEY ARE!

And they are here! 

Are you ?!?!?!


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