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Our A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT", which we create to give away to others with the hope and intention to touch their lives in some small way with Gifts Of Light - are now available to all right here on our shoppe!

This 2nd version of our A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" is a simpler, lighter :-) version of the original.  Perfect for situations where you feel called to our A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT", but prefer something simpler.  These bracelets hold wonderful beads created in a beautiful design, but may not include gemstones, specialty glass beads nor filigree silver tube beads - though you never know, yours just might!  They are sweet and tender and came forth to fulfill certain "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" situations perfectly. 
We originally made both versions to give away, so rest assured these are as beautiful and enchanting as the originals.  In fact, the only real difference here is the price because the beads used are not as specially sourced.  But they ARE special in their own right and every bit as powerful, too!  And they are MORE than perfect for gifting away to someone whose heart you may wish to touch in an uplifting way.
If you find this simpler version of our A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" suits your needs, these will be available soon!  They are made just like our original "BRACELETS OF LIGHT", with both love and a whisper of spirit's guidance about what will make the best creation for each bracelet's ultimately intended person.
They are infused with our own ORIGINAL and RARE ESSENCES OF LIGHT to embed the highest and purest frequencies of love, light and spirit into the bracelet.  All of our beads and stones spend time resting in a beautiful, energy-filled space that imbues them with happy energies of love, of light, of peace.  And the invisible realm energies, including fairies and angels, are always close by, blessing us and our creations, in sometimes truly miraculous ways!

We, ourselves, are utterly smitten with both versions.  It's too hard for us to choose ourselves, even when gifting them away - we love them all!  The "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" we have been creating have touched our hearts deeply and it has been A DELIGHT and A DEEP JOY to give them away to touch others.  You, too, can now have a very special and rare encounter with one of our most simple yet touchingly powerful creations.  And this second version is a very special iteration of the original - deeply tender, potently created.  I am honored to share them with you. 

Each creation is unique and we have nearly infinite possibilities yet to make, but here is a little sneak peak (video coming soon). 


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