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A Sacred Touch<br>"DEWDROP" OF LIGHT

A Sacred Touch

$ 33.00

"DEWDROP", the fourth magical version of our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" is not even a bracelet at all!  Let me explain.  As our "ARCADIA" Bracelet Of Light came forth intentionally designed for the gentlemen in our lives, my own husband would choose to wear his not on his arm, but often tucked into his pocket.  And thus . . . in time for our anniversary . . . "DEWDROP" was born!

"DEWDROP" is a soulful creation just like our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT", but designed to be smaller with an enchanting shape, easy to be tucked into a pocket.  "DEWDROP" is wonderful to give to anyone you wish to bless with GIFTS OF LIGHT and all the magic of our BRACELETS OF LIGHT. . . but is designed not to be worn, simply tucked someplace special.

"DEWDROP", as you may have guessed, comes in a dewdrop shape, hence the name, and carries every bit of the magic and beauty - and POWER! - of our BRACELETS OF LIGHT.  Threaded with a slightly thicker and less stretchy cord, it allows this magical creation to keep its shape even when repeatedly tucked and untucked in your pocket.

The beads used for "DEWDROP" tend to be the same as those for ARCADIA, smaller and less sparkly, but yours could include any of our beads, gemstones, specialty glass and cherished stones.  What is certain is that it will be SPECIAL and POTENT!

Choose "DEWDROP" when you want something you would not wear on your wrist, or wish to give to someone who might prefer a GIFT OF LIGHT they can tuck in a pocket or a purse rather than wear.  These are special and their unusual shape gives them a rare focus point to the flow of energies - creating a truly rare river of light in their midst. 

"DEWDROPS" are an inspired creation and a most heavenly addition to our family of A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT".  Enjoy this beautiful but simple creation, one that is designed to slip into a pocket and carry with you, rather than wear as jewelry.

"DEWDROP" carries very special energies and frequencies from the materials used and can be tucked into a pocket, hung from a car rear view mirror or sit on a desk or nightstand.

This special version has a tender elegance and gentle simplicity.  They carry themselves into your life with a humble presence, filled with powerful energies and GIFTS OF LIGHT

Created in the exact same magical way as all of our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT", "DEWDROP" is also imbued with our very rare ESSENCES OF LIGHT, embedding the highest frequencies of LOVE, LIGHT and CREATION into these special pieces.

Do try them if you - like me - wish for something not to be worn, but tucked to accompany you or someone else on their daily journey.  There is something very special about these - they hold more than meets the eye!

"DEWDROPS" Of Light are for both men and women, even mature children!  Their simple design makes them easy to keep close, even on your most adventurous days, safely tucked in a pocket or hanging nearby.

Each creation is unique and we have nearly infinite possibilities yet to make.  What IS certain is that the "DEWDROP" we make for you will be SPECIAL INDEED!
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