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A Sacred Touch<br>BRACELET OF LIGHT 4 - "AURORA" (Signature Edition)

A Sacred Touch
BRACELET OF LIGHT 4 - "AURORA" (Signature Edition)

$ 77.00

Oh my. 


This version of our very special A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" has become our SIGNATURE EDITION.  It is the one I made for myself and it has a very special teardrop glass/crystal bead as its centerpiece.  The picture simply does not do it justice, hard as I try.  It's almost as if it simply won't be photographed in all its mystic beauty.  The color is enchanting and a camera just cannot capture THE LIGHT moving through it playfully and mysteriously.  The bead looks solid in the photograph, but let me tell you, it is not!  It's hard to break your gaze when you catch a glimpse of it as its peacock colors sparkle in the light. 

Perhaps it simply can only truly be beheld in all its breathtaking presence . . . in person.  The faceted centerpiece bead was intentionally chosen for its ability to HOLD and EMIT LIGHT in a very special way, with a very special shape. 

Still, to this day, this one takes my breath away more than any other.  They all do - but there is something very rare about this one.  It always feels sacred and special to me in some really secret - or perhaps hidden - way.  I love EVERY "BRACELET OF LIGHT" I make, but this one, well . . . there is something truly OTHERWORLDLY about it. 

The "AURORA" version of our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" is the only one that always and only uses this same signature bead as its centerpiece.  I can't explain it, but it just feels very . . . CELESTIAL.  And because of that, it is always created with one very special and rare ESSENCE I created aeons ago . . . The CELESTIAVA MAGIC Essence Of Light.  That ESSENCE is powerful beyond words and potent in ways you cannot imagine.  I rarely use it in creations for others, its light is so incredibly HIGH.

But that is the SIGNATURE ESSENCE for this very special BRACELET.   This one truly is . . . MY SOUL ALIGHT!  And in its very first offering ever for another human soul, every single "AURORA" BRACELET OF LIGHT is infused with this very rare essence.  Other essences may be added to it, perhaps, for a bracelet for you - but the AURORA BRACELETS all carry this signature essence.  And when these very special centerpiece beads or the essence are gone, the "AURORA" BRACELET OF LIGHT will no longer be available.  Thus, it's a limited edition SIGNATURE BRACELET OF LIGHT.

A SIGNATURE BEAD, A SIGNATURE ESSENCE, A SIGNATURE BRACELET.  I have shocked myself by even offering it here.  My hands were trembling as I typed this listing, even though I knew I was being called to do so.  Something so rare, personal, and private going out into the world - not to mention POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE - one can only wonder . . . why?!

Who else is ready for that kind of LIGHT in their life? 
You now have the rarest of opportunities to choose it for yourself.  Indeed, I can think of no more incredible gift of love to give!
Choose wisely. . .
Are you ready

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