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A Sacred Touch

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"ARCADIA", the third magical version of our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" is intentionally designed for the gentlemen in our lives.  These bracelets are inspired by one I envisioned for my husband.  Something simple and easy to wear on a wrist unobtrusively, or even to slip into a pocket for those guys, like mine, who don't do jewelry :- )!

"ARCADIA" means "down to earth" and I felt that was exactly the energy  for this bracelet to embody.  This version uses beads that are smaller and more understated, usually to include agate or other earthy gemstones.  More rustic metal and wood beads, in smaller sizes may be used, and sometimes only stones with no metal at all. 

"ARCADIA" carries very special energies and frequencies from the materials used, including more subtle earthy colors.  These "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are designed to be used in any way the wonderful man in your life chooses - worn on his wrist, tucked into a pocket, hanging from a car rear view mirror or sitting on a desk or nightstand.

This special version of our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" has a quiet elegance and soulful simplicity.  They carry themselves into your life with an unobtrusive presence, filled with powerful energies and GIFTS OF LIGHT

Created in the exact same magical way as our originals, "ARCADIA" is also imbued with our very rare ESSENCES OF LIGHT, embedding the highest frequencies of LOVE, LIGHT and CREATION into these special bracelets.

Do try them if you - like me - wish to gift A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" to the love of your life, to a brother or nephew, or other gentlemanly figure.  Or if you are a gentleman yourself! 

And by the way, these are certainly not just for men.  Their simple design makes them easy to keep close, even on your most adventurous days of gardening or hiking.  The first one I made for my husband became mine! That's all you need to know. :-)

Each creation is unique and we have nearly infinite possibilities yet to make.  What IS certain is that the bracelet we make for you will be SPECIAL INDEED!
Are you or the man in your life ready
To be touched by the very special

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