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"A Proper Introduction" - A CHARMED CLASS

"A Proper Introduction" - A CHARMED CLASS

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Getting to know another Being - of any kind - is a simple process.  However, like most humans, we often think of this occurring from the outside - first.  And that can be true - in fact, that is most often how we as human beings approach things.  From the outer level first, the most surface layer of our existence - or another's.

However, a proper introduction - a true and deep invitation and initiation to get to know another - begins far before we think it does.  And it takes place at a level we rarely touch as human beings - much less, begin there.

Yet, the rest of the natural world exists in this way, and operates within this knowing.  WE, the humans, lag woefully behind because we believe that communication is based upon language - words - thoughts.  And it is not.  TRUE COMMUNICATION is an energetic transfer.

If you don't believe me - scowl at someone when your eyes first notice them across the aisle from you at the grocery store.  You've not met them - you've not been introduced yet - but still your energy is being processed and registered by this other being in their very center.  By the time you physically cross their path, make eye contact or engage in hello - an entire world of communication has taken place.

Understanding how our entire being communicates - based upon energy, vibration and intention - allows us to begin engaging in much truer and far deeper communication with those who share our lives.  For example, if you bring a new animal member into your family - smoothing the shores of physically integrating a new Being into your household - can ideally begin long before the new being appears.  You cannot imagine the difference it makes when  your communications with others - and especially introductions to those we do not yet know - begin first in the energetic realm.

There will still be great physical interactions to blend and merge when the actual introduction takes place.  But beginning that process IN THE CENTER - of both your Being and theirs - changes everything for the better.

Try it - you'll see!  These are our tools of soulful connection.  They are innate within all beings.  It's time we began truly communicating with one another.  No matter our species.  This is a great place to start, by beginning to explore the real place and way introductions can take place.  This is the ideal, yes - but it is ALSO our most natural method of communication.  Let's return to it!  The sooner the better . . . if you ask me! :- )

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