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A MAGICAL GATHERING! <br>(Past - 2018)

(Past - 2018)

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Registration for Our 2018 MAGICAL GATHERING. . . is now closed.


We hope you will join us another time.

Contact us to learn when our

Next gathering will be!

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 Once or twice

Sometimes three times a year . . .

A very special creation takes form.  A GATHERING. 
And not just ANY gathering - a gathering of LOVE. 
Spirit and all the unseen realms join in the play, as we gather together - actually physically in close proximity to one another - and expand.  We expand our thoughts, our feelings, our knowledge.  Here, it is question and answer time.  Here, we delve into the topics you so want to explore in a deep knowing that they will, in some way, some day in the future, come to be your own.

It's not a class, in the usual sense :- ) . . . it's really YOU choosing what you most want or need to know, to hear, to discover - TO EXPAND INTO  - at this part of your journey.

We don't do these very often.  The energies are profoundly magical.  In person.  All together.  Your Soul as well as Spirit and Fairies and Angels and the invisible realms all come and dance among us . . . as our hearts expand.

I wouldn't think of it as . . . getting your toe wet.  I'd see it  more as . . . AN INVITATION that offers a prelude . . .  to going deep.  Deeper into your LIGHT, knowing yourself more truly, discovering your hidden gifts, and living your happiest and truest life.


THIS IS OUR GIFT for THE SUMMER SOLSTICE 2018.  We will gather Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 5 - 7 pm.  Magical.  Soulful.  Inspired. 

(And yes, we do know this is Father's Day in the U.S.  But it is the time chosen for this magical gathering by the magical souls involved . . . so perhaps it is a Father's Day Gift in some unusual or even invisible way.  We have placed the gathering for early evening to not intrude on sacred father celebrations during the day:- ).)

This year's gathering is entitled:  "True Love, True Magic".  It will invite us to begin living the wisdom that LOVE is the most powerful energy we wield, and when we learn how to let go of our fears and listen to our heart, every part of us and our life begins to transform.  In some truly INSPIRING and BREATH*TAKING WAYS.

We discover some very special inner gifts that await us . . . when we open our hearts in new ways.

Space is very limited, by design - these are intimate, soulful gatherings for in-person introductions to THE MAGIC OF LIGHT.  OF LOVE.  OF SPIRIT.  And the power of creating OUR TRUEST LIFE.

And . . . of living ever more deeply


Beings Of Light.


This is our only gathering of this kind THIS YEAR, open to all.  Once you register and confirm, a welcome email with address location and directions, as well as additional details will follow:  You can register by placing this item listing in your cart and completing check out. 

Our SACRED GATHERING this year requires a minimum of 3 magical souls to confirm their presence for it to occur.  If for any reason, that does not happen, then the gathering itself will not take place and your reservation/purchase will be refunded.  There are at least 3 magical souls being invited by their Inner Being to step into this year's magic.  If that is you, reserve your spot early to ensure THE GATHERING takes place.  Some years the number is 7, and sometimes it is 11, and sometimes it may be even larger.  This year is extraordinarily special because it will be SO INTIMATE.  We await . . . YOU!

Be prepared .  .  .   this is A MAGICAL TIME!  And your own inner Light beckons to you . . . TO EXPAND.  Through our play, through our whimsy, through our unflinching honesty. 

If you come, we know you will be touched by a profoundly magical sense that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than you thought yourself to be.  And the world around you IS MUCH MORE FILLED WITH LIGHT than you ever knew! 

And . .  you'll be on your way to discovering your own very special, very magical gifts that you came to give as a part of that very same creation.  YOU are a magical being!  Come find out . . . WHY!  And discover how your heart is ready to guide you into more of your own very special destiny.

Our energy gifts begin transferring to you a month before,
So registration must be complete by May 16th.
Location:  Bellingham, WA


Sunday, June 17

5 - 7 pm





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