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A Helping Hand * A Helping Heart

A Helping Hand * A Helping Heart

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WE Enter Sacred Ground here - together - you and I.


When life seems stuck and unclear, your Inner Voice is always the highest guidance.  Sometimes, it can seem as if YOU yourself no longer hear that voice, no longer perceive the messages and guidances that are surely coming your way. From Within.  From Beyond. From a higher space of Light. 
For these moments, I urge you to take a breath. Step back, do nothing, be nothing . . . and hold a silent vigil inside yourself. ALLOW the space and the openness for what you most yearn to know, To Come Forth.  IT WILL.
If, still, after such a time - or two - or three! :- ) . . . you still feel bereft, unsure of who you are and where you are going, much less what you are truly being shown to BE/DO/KNOW/RECOGNIZE by the highest energies, frequencies, and beings of light within and without . . . Then I am here. 
This is a soulful thing.
Because I believe that each one of us holds the greatest wisdom and guidance within ourselves.  OUR SOUL or ESSENCE knows our path and our blueprint, our spirit's intentions and purposes and destinies, usually far better than any other.  So all we ever NEED * * * TRULY * * *  IS TO GO WITHIN.
But, I have been shown, there are times and spaces, unfoldings in life and twists and turns in our paths, where those I love have truly WISHED FOR and BEEN TOUCHED BY . . . A Helping Heart
Someone to listen, in a space of pure Oneness, to what most wants or needs to be SEEN - KNOWN - PERCEIVED.   So I wish for you this:  THAT YOU LISTEN - and FIND - within yourself, the deepest, most powerful WISDOM for what you seek.  If you find yourself unwilling or seemingly unable, or you just feel DEAD CERTAIN LED to reach out to another for this Most Sacred Gift . . . then I am happy, and deeply honored, to be the one to fulfill that longing.
BE Aware - often from the world of our innermost being - what seems wrong . . . is quite right. What feels off or out of sorts . . . is in a state of pure birth.  And when we feel lost . . .
We are simply waiting
I will connect, receive, and share with you ALL THE LIGHT given to me, in a time of soulful merging in ONENESS.  And then what you do with that pure and sacred wisdom will be ever your choice. 
These Connections are, in a way, priceless. And, for a time, they can be yours. Choose the depth you wish to go ABOVE.
You may just find, as I always, always do, when I CONNECT WITH SPIRIT . . .that ILLUMINATION Reigns!
And is ever truly found . . .
In Our Heart.

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