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94 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 18<br>"CRESTED"

Celestial Awakenings 18

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.



What is CRESTED?  It is a most MAGICAL PLACE in the journey to ONENESS.  THE SPOT where you actually behold, for the very first time - even if from afar - THE HEART OF ONENESS.  THE VERY CENTER OF LIGHT.
It might seem to take decades to get there - but it is really, and only, about you being in sync with it.  A VIBRATIONAL MATCH.
"CRESTED", THE ESSENCE comes as a beautiful energy of Light to help MIRROR FOR YOU and TO YOU . . . that center*pointe frequency you see.  She will hold you in her gaze while she reflects it before you.  Then . . . the journey is all yours.  YOU YOURSELF will make the choices and take the steps on your path which allow you to transform - wholly and completely - INTO a frequency which can BEHOLD THE CENTER OF ONENESS.
When you do - life is no more.  Not as you knew it.  Not as it was.  IT IS BRAND NEW.  GARDEN OF EDEN and all of that.  And, in truth, ever sooooo much more.
But first things first.  LOOK DEEPLY into the light this essence brings you.  GAZE SOULFULLY into the depths she presents.  Allow her to completely mirror before you something you will truly see in no other way - from outside the center light of oneness.
And then . . . follow your heart.  Let the path TAKE YOU.  "CRESTED" is a most powerful source of light.  It gives you a viewpoint and perspective few on earth ever enjoy.  It can be yours - and then the duty you hold is to take every step before you so that you CREATE WITHIN YOURSELF . . . A PERFECT MATCH to the vibration you were presented. 
THE HEART OF ONENESS AWAITS - are you "all in" ?

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