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92 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 16<br>"THE HEART'S COURAGE KNOWN"

Celestial Awakenings 16

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.



This Essence is deeply personal to me.  Sacred.  Profound.  In a way I cannot share.
It's not about the roar of light, which is in itself a very sacred thing.  It's not even about the majesty and grace of spirit as we find it in THE CENTER LIGHT OF ONENESS.
This is . . . something more.  This is . . .that precious, powerful place where you will walk the path OF YOUR TRUEST BEING, YOUR SOUL AT ITS VERY CENTER LIGHT . . . YOUR HIGHEST ESSENCE LIVING IN YOUR FORM . . .no matter what.
No matter what comes, no matter what is asked, no matter where the discoveries of sacred light take you - YOU WILL GO.  And not because you must.  Not because you are even compelled to by your knowing of LIGHT.  Rather . . . because you know, deep in your center - the space where LOVE and LIGHT are all that reside . . . THAT IT IS WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
You go without fear.  You go without attachment to outcomes.  You go without expecting any other to accompany you or understand your path.  You go - because - IT IS THE TRUEST THING YOU CAN DO.
The heart's courage . . . KNOWN TO US . . . is the most sacred truth of light we will ever behold or discover.  And when we live it - when we truly embody it - when THAT is our breath in every moment . . . we no longer care.  We don't care about human reactions or even human unfoldings.  WE ARE SO DEEPLY ALIGNED with - and within - THE PURE LIGHT AT THE HEART OF ONENESS . . . that nothing else matters.
Can you imagine this?
Can you imagine living that way?
I can.  I do.  It is extraordinary.  It is enchanting.  It is mind-defying.  And it is the only time YOUR ESSENCE will feel truly FREE.
And it is . . . when all is said and done . . .  THE SOUL'S BLISS.
I invite you to open your heart, welcome the journey . . . AND SEE EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN.
We all do eventually - one way or another - through death if not through life.
Why not do it with your conscious self
While you are still here

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