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87 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 11<br>"MAGIC RECEIVED & RELIEVED"

Celestial Awakenings 11

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.



The truth of this EDEN'S LIGHT ESSENCE can only be revealed inside of you.  But let me take you on a private journey for just a moment, to give you a tiny glimpse of what she holds.
She removed me from the very depths of a situation I, it would seem, should never have been involved in quite the way it happened.  Yet - I knew I WAS RIGHT WHERE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.  What to do?  Well, she removed me - yes.   BUT THE WAY SHE DID IT was breathtaking - literally!  I was stunned and in awe - filled with wonder.  POTENT WONDER!
Wonder at how powerful the energy was she used and swirled into presence - to help me to see something that, for all the looking, I had not yet seen.  Wonder at how incredibly intensely she used LOVE to speak truth, and to unfold events beyond my sphere of influence, beyond my command, beyond this realm - truly.  Wonder . . . at how she saved the very best for last . . . and whispered into presence within me A VERY POTENT TRUTH.  One that, to this day, I am still embodying ever more deeply.
You see, I was involved in something, as I was committed to - and for its inception - was supposed to be.  But as the energies in that creation - beyond my control, and ever inching lower in vibrational frequency - moved further away from THE CENTER OF ONENESS . . . I had no idea what to really do.  Every connection I made in oneness was to stay - yet clearly, this was a space deeply not in alignment with the center of oneness, and now, seemed to be going in the opposite direction altogether!
And this is her gift.  She creates and presents such a magical unfolding, something so rare and so creative, that you would never dream of it . . .and even if you could . . . would never be able to enact it on your own.  She WILLED ME to KNOW . . .that my presence WAS SACRED AND DIVINE - and called for.  The fact that the creation was not now in pure alignment . . . was not my place to fix.  Rather, I would interact WITHIN THE CREATION . . . based upon my own purest alignment within THE HEART OF ONENESS.  And that was all that would matter.
I can't tell you how freeing this was!  Namely, because the situation had seemed to present NO PERFECT or DIVINE SOLUTION.  Every way out seemed to hold some aspect of dishonoring another.
ENTER . . . this oh-so-potent, and yet miraculously magically wise, ESSENCE!
She changed my point of view.  She whispered a truth about the situation I did not know.  And she held me firmly in place . . . on my own terms, honoring and mirroring THE HEART OF ONENESS - within the events as they unfolded.
It was suuuccchhhh a powerful thing.  I still cannot believe it.  AND I LOVED HOW rapidly she brought things into a whole new view.  And in doing so, my power was not just restored . . .  oh no.  This was not about that AT ALL.  This was about birthing A WHOLE NEW TRUTH.  OF LIFE.  OF LIGHT.  OF ME.  FROM THE VERY CENTER OF ONENESS!
It's been magical in ways I could never imagine.  And that's saying something because I live in the center of oneness - and my life IS magical to the infinite power already.  But this was more!  This exceeded all I have known.  And it makes me giggle now when I think of it!  The situation unfolding itself is still quite powerful - and not actually in alignment.  YET.  BUT I AM!  And don't you know . . . that is really, and truly, and ever . . . ALL THAT MATTERS!
This essence blesses you with a magical wisdom that you have never even entertained the possibility of before.  And then she does something more.  She relieves you of the notion that there is no way out, no divine path forward, or no good resolution.  Ohhhh, there is.  IT JUST is not what you may think.  It's compelling.  It's truly creative.  And it is ever THE HONORABLE WAY.  You see . . . the WAY OF LIGHT is all about LOVE. 
The HEART of ONENESS takes that LOVE and exposes its truths without fail.  THIS ESSENCE?  She lifts all the veils, whispers to you all the secrets you can hold, and illuminates the way forward where before there seemed none.  Now isn't THAT magical?  Oh yes - indeed!  But the best part?  It's the second part . . . MAGIC RELIEVED.
What does that mean?  This essence moves you to the space where your heart is in the purest alignment possible with the unfolding at every level of its being.  And in that space YOU YOURSELF are relieved of having to hold any of the energies for THE REVELATIONS that come next - for anyone but you.  ALL YOU are truly responsible for . . . is holding YOUR LIGHT in THE VERY CENTER OF ONENESS.  And your magic is then relieved of any - and every - responsibility otherwise.  Even with, and to, and for those . . . whom you have deep and long and soulfully binding soul*agreements.
She MOVES YOU into YOUR truest and purest alignment.  And then YOUR work in the situation is complete.  You step back.  And LIGHT MOVES THROUGH.  It's beautiful.  It's magical.  It's humbling.  But the most magnificent thing about this essence is this:  SHE REMINDS YOU that ALL YOU ARE EVER REALLY CALLED TO DO or BE . . . is to live in the purest light of you, within the KNOWINGS at THE HEART OF ONENESS.  In that space, the MAGICAL LIGHT of ONENESS takes everything on as its own creation.  And you . . . become the blessed center light of that very same thing - without doing a thing.
It's freedom . . . in the most soulful sense.  It's expansive in a way our hearts often forget how to soar.  And it's so much more magical and creative than we remember that our life events are designed to be.  Ohhh, but they are!  And she is here to see to it that the most powerful unfoldings in our lives . . . UNVEIL ONENESS at its highest frequency.  I haven't stopped smiling since this essence birthed herself!  She has raised my magic received, and relieved, so powerfully . . . I'm tickled pink now to be in this situation that seemed like it was a hopeless loss with no good way forward or even out.  Ahhh . . . NEVER.  Now, it's a magical unfolding I am treasuring watching be unveiled and taking form, KNOWING MY ONENESS is intact.
Ahhh, blessed wisdom.
Make it yours today, if you are ready to really STEP FORWARD INTO THE LIGHT . . . IN THE MOMENTS THAT CONFOUND YOU.
I'm so happy that I did. You will be, too - I'm certain!
And your . . .  eternal smile :- ).

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