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82 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 06<br>"HEAD*STRONG MAGIC"

Celestial Awakenings 06

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.



This EDEN'S LIGHT ESSENCE is called:   "HEAD*STRONG MAGIC".  Well, this is not quite what you might - at first - think you would find in CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS ESSENCES, emanating frequencies from within the very heart of Oneness.  
And yet, the surprise is this:  THIS ESSENCE came into form in a very potent way.  No holding back.  No veering from the course.  No pondering of what might be easiest - or even too much.  NO, she just BURST INTO FORM.  Completely - and entirely.
She isn't actually HEAD*STRONG.  That was her chosen title because she has - EVER - a deeply embedded, always present SENSE OF HUMOR.
Here, HEAD*STRONG means . . .of singular focus.  And that focus is . . . LIGHT . . . THE VERY HEART OF THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.  She makes no excuses - she takes no fault - and she issues no apologies.  SHE KNOWS she is of the presence AT the very center of oneness - and that is the goal of all beings.  IT IS WHERE WE ARE OUR MOST TRUEST SELVES and EXPRESSIONS OF BEINGNESS..  She basks there, in perfect harmony, knwoing HER FREQUENCY is as pure as it comes.
So why does she come?  TO BLESS YOU.  With a clarity of the heart rarely  experienced in human terms.  She guides you to experience the feeling of the CERTAINTY and THE KNOWING which emanates from THE HEART OF ONENESS.  Once lived, you never stray - not easily.  And by chance if you do, then you will always know that you are some step away from THAT WHICH YOU FELT IN ITS PUREST ALIGNMENT.
HEAD*STRONG is how a human mind might feel about THE KNOWINGS that emanate from this pure, clear and potent space of unencumbered, undiluted LOVE.  Why?  Because the mind likes to evaluate and to project, it likes to protect and to fear - and it loves nothing more than layering THE OLD VIBRATIONS over the newest, purest ones.  But the heart knows better.  And the soul never plays that game.
Enter . . . HEAD*STRONG MAGIC!  The purity . . . the clarity . . . the overwhelming knowing of the heart . . . when it is bathed in the LIGHT at the CENTER OF ONENESS.  It's not just a good thing.  It's the thing you most yearn for.  The space where your soul and essence LIVE in the purest harmony of all . . . with the LIGHT at the HEART of ONENESS. 
It's the only place to truly live it from . . . if you are BEING TRUE.

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