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81 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 05<br>"OPEN STAR"

Celestial Awakenings 05

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.



This EDEN'S LIGHT ESSENCE is called:   "OPEN * STAR".  Why?
Because it comes bearing the secret and sacred frequencies to open THE STAR at the very heart of your being.  Your Sacred Heart is a beautiful, ethereal blossoming flower of Light.  At its center lies a jewel more precious than any ruby or diamond.  THE RAREST GEM OF LIGHT:  A STAR.  The Star of Light which holds THE HARMONIC OF ONENESS.
This is a celestial energy.  It cannot be accessed via meditation nor intention.  Only  . . . by opening your heart completely, as widely as it can go . . . and holding no fear.  When that happens, two things occur.  Your frequency changes from human to LIGHT BEING.  And that is followed then - if you hold this new vibration stable in your form - by the opening of THE STAR at the very center of your being.
This is an extraordinary thing.  It is rarely - soooo rarely - done on earth.  But even the journey of getting there is far richer and deeper than most ever manage in their spiritual presence.  There is nothing to learn - nothing to do.  SIMPLY  TO BE.  TO BE ALL THAT YOU ARE, AT THE HIGHEST FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT - and to do so without a drop of fear.
THE OPEN STAR.  IT IS A POWERFUL THING.  TENDER - POTENT - EARTH-SHATTERING in its frequency.  Yes, the world as you know it will exist no more.  And that is not just a very good, long-awaited thing.  IT IS A HEAVENLY THING.
This most ethereal of stars holds THE PUREST FREQUENCY OF LIGHT - THE HEART OF ONENESS.  Open it in yourself and see what you are made of.  Truly!  Simply opening yourself to take the journey of making your way into its depths . . . brings gifts, blessings, and alchemy like you have never experienced before.  There is no return from this essence.  THE JOURNEY will birth a new you.

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