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21 "ANIMAL * MAGIC - ALIGNMENT" Sacred Essence Blend

21 "ANIMAL * MAGIC - ALIGNMENT" Sacred Essence Blend

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "ANIMAL * MAGIC - ALIGNMENT".  There is a natural, intrinsic harmony within which ALL OF LIFE exists.  We forget that sometimes.  And especially so when it comes to the creatures and animals who share our lives.
Even when we want the best for them, our fearful, mind-laced thoughts forget that they hold a wisdom all their own.  AN INNER KNOWING.  A PROFOUND and DEEP WISDOM about the circle of LIFE.  This essence was born of every human being who thinks or believes or tries to give their animal help.  Without first asking.  Without learning what they see and feel.  Without respecting what they know.
Yes, our intentions are sometimes the very best - and yet - we fail to honor THE KNOWING OF ONENESS within those sacred creatures who appear in our lives.
From a beloved pet to the wasp's nest on our deck to the ants in our bathroom - ALL HOLD SACRED PRESENCE.  All behaviors and all appearances - hold meaning.  Purpose.  Wisdom.  They come bearing a gift.  From fleas to lice, slugs in the garden and cockroaches in our houses - they all are sacred.  And the come knowing that we don't understand that or have forgotten that.  But especially in terms of THE CREATURES WHO SHARE OUR LIVES in a beloved state - they ask of us more.  They expect us to honor their wishes.  To allow us to behold their life and their physical state of being from more than just simply an US AND THEM mentality.
They created this essence.  To help us to open our hearts so that we CAN TRULY SEE what they need.  What they would like us to know.  And to perceive a greater harmony than our limited viewpoint often reveals.
Fleas?  Try this alignment first.  Annihilation of any kind is a risky energy to enact.  You may think you are saving one, but doing so by removing another is a short term success. In fact, if you ask your animal, they will tell you of a higher path.  ONE IN WHICH you work to create A TRUE ALIGNMENT between yourself, your beloved animal, and any other creatures appearing in your lives.  All presence holds purpose.  Animals know this.  They understand this.  They are here to teach us to see with the eyes of the heart.
This essence embodies their knowing.  It is soulful.  It is sacred.  It is divine.
We simply have to be willing to open our hearts, welcome a wider and deeper and truer knowing into our lives - and then step back and watch as the magic unfolds. 
It may at first appear as if nothing is happening.  But it is.  IT'S JUST HAPPENING INSIDE YOU.  If you transform - so will they.  The simplest rule of magic.  THE TRUEST TRUTH OF LOVE.  OF LIGHT.  OF ONENESS.
Therein lies our power, one and all.
Are you ready?  Lay down the tools of annihilation.  Use the tools of the heart.
This Essence is designed to bring you face to face with those alive and well inside of you.
And now is the time TO BEGIN.

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