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20 "THE MAGIC BEFORE YOU" Sacred Essence Blend

20 "THE MAGIC BEFORE YOU" Sacred Essence Blend

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "THE MAGIC BEFORE YOU". And what is that, you may ask?
The best way I know to describe it is this:  A DEEP POOL OF LIGHT.
Every time our soul beckons to us, we as human beings most often think we don't want to go.  Our minds are in charge, our fears run rampant, and we think like every other soul we know.
YET - there is another way.  A DEEPER, MORE SOULFUL TRAJECTORY.  It holds our power - it holds our essence - it holds, in a word, OUR TRUTH.  OUR TRUTH OF BEING.
And that is what TRULY LIVES . . . before you.  THE MAGIC BEFORE YOU is A DEEP POOL OF LIGHT.  It can only be fathomed, much less experienced, by wading into its depths.  By saying - yes - I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUE ME.  By saying - yes - I AM READY TO REVEAL MY TRUE SELF.  And by saying - oh yes - I WANT TO SEE MY OWN TRUEST, INNERMOST BEING and SACRED POWER.
To reveal and to experience those takes only one thing:  TRUST.  TRUST in your inner wisdom.  TRUST in your heart.  TRUST in the path your soul leads you to traverse.  And if we do . . . we behold this magical pool of light that stretches out infinitely before us every day.  Each day it grows stronger and deeper and truer - as do we, as we journey into its depths more truly.
THAT DEEP POOL OF LIGHT is us.  Our essence.  Our soul.  And when we willingly and knowingly CHOOSE to step into its light - we are transformed.  We are uplifted.  And our lives are beckoned into a higher, waiting realm of light.  WE exist here - but we move at the space of spirit.  WE LIVE in a realm where all the magic of the universe is ours to behold, every single day.  And behold it we do.  We live it.  WE breathe it.  WE BECOME IT.
And that is the secret gift this ESSENCE BRINGS TO YOUR HEART's DOORSTEP:  THE KNOWING OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  Because it is YOUR MAGIC which begins appearing before you in ways that you can no longer deny or not see.
We could just call it EYES WIDE OPEN.  But it chose its name - THE MAGIC BEFORE YOU - A DEEP POOL OF LIGHT.


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