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18 "TWINKLE * TOES" Sacred Essence Blend

18 "TWINKLE * TOES" Sacred Essence Blend

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "TWINKLE*TOES".  It came into being ON THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.
It holds power, yes.  But not the usual kind.  THIS ESSENCE is about "THE SUMMIT".  In a word - it embodies and evokes:  AWE.  Yes.  That's right.
You see, sometimes the greatest power of light is held in the tiniest of things.  A Moment.  A Prayer.  A Wisp of An Inspiration.
And sometimes, we are gifted extraordinary magic in the smallest of wonders.  THIS is that WONDER.
A magical being - someone we believe as humans could not exist holding all the power of knowledge and wisdom of the human realm - appeared one day.  Right before me.  Quite taken aback, I was surprised to discover that he wanted, he came, to teach me a thing.  Or two.  That was ok.  I was willing to listen.
But you will not believe what he taught me.  And we can't go into that here.  BUT WHAT I CAN TELL YOU is this:  he left me with this deepest of knowings.  THAT THE TINIEST SPARKS OF LIGHT hold the greatest magic of the unknown.  And this is never more potent than when WE believe WE HAVE FAILED.  When WE believe we have stepped amiss.  When WE believe we have somehow gone astray.
You see, TWINKLE TOES is all about taking what appears wrong - and showing its hidden PEAKS OF GREATNESS.  A hidden, unseen beauty - a revelatory power - a magical presence just waiting to be discovered, unearthed in the ashes of our perceived destruction or torment or even failure.
TWINKLE TOES takes us to the peaks of greatness and reveals a magical mystery - that most of what appears to be wrong - is actually quite perfect.  And much of what seems amiss holds a hidden harmony and beauty and Light that defies our mind - but reflects a hidden power we all hold.

TWINKLE TOES takes us to the very summit - and we peer around us in awe - at what we thought was in ruin.  It's not.  It's transforming yes - but all is well.  It  will turn out beautifully.  Just wait and see.  THAT IS THE KNOWING OF TWINKLE TOES - more importantly - that IS the power this essence holds.
Believe me when I say . . . WHAT IT HAS REVEALED TO ME YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE.  But that's ok. :- )  Let's see what it reveals TO YOU!

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