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19 "(THE) SOUL*S WISH" Sacred Essence Blend

19 "(THE) SOUL*S WISH" Sacred Essence Blend

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "(THE) SOUL'S WISH".  It was one of the first essences I ever made, was guided to create, whose presence revealed themselves to me beyond any intention on my part to create any such thing.
They waited.  They beckoned.  Finally - I came to meet them in sacred presence, to see what all the fuss was about.  WELL.  That's far too long of a story - enchanting though it surely would be to tell :- ) - for this space.  But TWO of those very first essences were so powerful, so potent, so transformative - they utterly UNDID MY LIFE and birthed it anew.  This is one.
You see, THE SOUL's WISH is not what you may think.  It's surely not what I would think.  But I've lived it and, wow, has it ever revealed its true nature to me.  IT IS LOVE - to the exponential power.  IT IS MAGIC - on steroids.  IT IS FEARLESS CREATION - beyond all ability of a human being to comprehend.

IT IS, in a word, CREATION POWER UNLEASHED.  You see, SOUL's WISH is not about what YOU want.  It isn't even about WHAT YOU THINK you want or need or should get.  It's in a whole other realm.  The easiest way I can explain it to you is this:  TAKE EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW/WANT/OR NEED - and throw it out the window.  Now - unburdened by all of that - go sit on the moon.  Yes.  You heard me.  Take your self without all of that other stuff - be completely unencumbered - and go sit on the moon.  While you are there, contemplating the vastness of space, or whatever else you come up with to do while you are on the moon, something happens.  YOUR SOUL BLOOMS.  Because you have given away all the other things that were boundaries around you and your life and the world at large - your soul blooms its truest knowing and deepest yearning into THAT NEWLY FREED SPACE.
Oh yes.  It will shock you.  Indeed.  It will surprise you - no doubt.  IT IS NOT GOING TO BE WHAT YOU THINK.  It is going to be far far FAR beyond the realm of anything your mind can imagine.  And you see - that is the key.  YOUR MIND NOT ONLY CANNOT TAKE YOU THERE- it cannot even perceive that space.  Your heart will lead, but your SOUL WILL REVEAL.
And that revelation?  Oh my.  IT WILL STUN YOU.  And then you will wonder.  You may even think twice.  But here is the magic - and the beauty - and the power . . . OF YOUR SOUL'S WISH.  Released - it can't be stopped.  IT WILL COME TRUE.  IT WILL IGNITE THE FORCES OF ALL OF THE UNIVERSE TO JOIN IN ITS CREATION.
You just have to come along for the journey.  It changes everything.  And I mean that - quite literally.  Which is ever the point.
LET YOUR SOUL FREE.  LET ITS WISH BE REVEALED.  IT IS NEVER  EVER EVER what you think.  But it is the secret garden of light wherein YOUR TRUE BLISS LIES.
Do YOU have the courage for that journey?  For true bliss?  True Happiness?
And then live that dream.
Like me, you will be EVER happy that you took the journey.
Because BLISS - is the soul's domain.  If we knew that, and truly understood that - our lives would be a wholly different domain.  Mine is now.  Yours can be too.  You just have to choose. 
And this essence shares that path with you.  When you're ready.  SAY YES.
Don't wait too long . . .  BLISS is ever-present, but why miss  any of its gifts of beauty and grace?
There's no reason.  The ESSENCE IS HERE.  And you're ready.

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