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17 "SOUL * DANCE" Sacred Essence Blend

17 "SOUL * DANCE" Sacred Essence Blend

$ 33.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "SOUL DANCE". It described itself to me this way:  I AM THE AWAKENED BLISS of LIVING YOUR TRUE LIGHT.
Really?  OH YES.  INDEED.
You see, we each do this thing where we use different parts of our being to guide our lives.  Our hearts.  Our minds.  Even, sometimes, our souls.  But when we turn those relationships inside out, and we PUT OUR SOUL or OUR ESSENCE in the driver's seat - where it does truly belong - then we enact BLISS. 
BLISS IS REAL.  AND IT IS TRUE.  So why is it so hard to come by these days?  Everywhere we turn it seems to be missing or unavailable.  It's because . . . BLISS comes only through OUR PUREST and TRUEST ALIGNMENT.  And we attain that, we create that, we embrace that - by changing the dance.  We spend our lives LEADING OUR HEART to live a certain way - to dream certain dreams - to create certain lives.
And yet, there lives inside us this most SACRED KNOWING.  It is divine, yes.  It is sacred beyond all measure, true.  And it is something more.  IT IS OURS TO ENACT.  HOW?
By offering to honor THE SOUL'S DANCE OF LIGHT.  To free it to take full power and complete control in our lives.  Want something to change?  Try this:  GIVE YOUR ESSENCE FREE REIGN.  Let it and your heart totally make every choice before you.  Leave your mind out of the mix until the heart or soul asks for its presence.
Sound scary?  IT's actually not.  It's your deepest and truest wisdom that then rises to the surface.  LET THIS NEW LIGHT take its seat in the head of your life - and not only will you find magic happening all around you.  You will find that THE LIFE YOU TRULY CAME TO LIVE, beyond all imagination, begins taking form.  Just be ready for change.  Because of this:  SOUL*DANCE is about freeing all parts of your Being to truly live the life of enchantment, of love, of power and of magic - THAT YOUR SOUL SPARK ACTUALLY CAME TO EARTH TO LIVE.  Give it the power to create that - and you won't just be amazed.  YOU WILL BE STUNNED.
SOUL*DANCE - it's an inspiring, wondrous thing.  Give it free reign.   NO matter the path, you'll find it enriches and expands you in ways you would never have believed were possible.  Yes, it defies our mind.  That's part of the point.  To place CONTROL where the seat of your soul lives - in the realm of the heart, in the reign of the soul. LET YOUR LIGHT LIVE.  LET IT BE TRULY FREE.
And watch life around you transform!  Oh.  WILL IT EVER!

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