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13 - "TRUST YOUR CONNECTIONS"<br>(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

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To give our truest, most soulful gifts . . . requires TRUST.  Trust in LOVE.  Trust in ourselves.  And trust in the realm of light.

When we step into that field of knowing where the guiding hand of the wisest and truest parts of our own inner being and spirit is what leads us forward . . . our every breath turns into something beyond magical.

We live in . . . a state of profound KNOWING.  We sail the days of our lives in a calm and a peace rarely touched here on earth.  And we develop that TRUST by honoring every opportunity our essence presents to us . . . TO DANCE INTO the space beyond our fears.

Here, our power is unquestionable.  Our love is irrevocable.  And our magic . . . is undeniable.  How to get there?  JUST SAY YES.  To the moment.  AND TO YOU!

And do so in deep and soulful TRUST!  You'll be ever glad you did.


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