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13 "CRADLE OF LIGHT" Sacred Essence Blend

13 "CRADLE OF LIGHT" Sacred Essence Blend

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Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love

Rarely encountered in this realm.

This ESSENCE is called "CRADLE OF LIGHT".   It is one of the most profound things you will ever encounter.  It was gifted to me by - and within - A MOMENT OF DEATH.  We don't often see those times as holding gifts - but this one most certainly did.  A SACRED GIFT.
You see, A Being came one day.  I had only just met him.  And yet it was his time to go.  A Powerful Transition unfolded right there - right then - before my very eyes.  As I watched with deep reverence and a saddened heart, I saw his last, most sacred breath . . . slip away.  And yet - he left me something, glistening there, in its wake.  A DEEP and most profound peace.  Yes.  But this was more than that.  He showed me of glimpse of what HE FELT - what HE WAS EXPERIENCING - what HIS MOMENTS WERE REALLY LIKE AS HE slipped away and beyond the tethers of this realm.
It was as if he merged his heart with my own - and gifted me this extraordinary and profound thing - his heart's experience of those moments, that time, right before and right past death.  Ohhhh.  It was a powerful day.  It was a soulful unfolding.  It changed me.  My Life.  My inner landscape.  So completely - so powerfully - and so profoundly.
Later that day . . . he gifted ME - US - this essence.  It is called . . . CRADLE OF LIGHT.  A Raven came to bring me the good news.  What I had experienced and felt all that day - was only the beginning.  The depths and the heights of the journey, the spaces of rapture and deep inner peace which were touched by this magnificent and soulful being as they transitioned . . . were - utterly - and completely - like being held in A CRADLE OF LIGHT.
And I gift that energy, that vibration, THAT TRUTH . . . now to you.
For anyone whose heart feels torn asunder in the presence or throes of death - look again.  Step more deeply into the sacredness of that time.  It holds magic.  You'll see.  It did for me.  And this is our gift to you.  Be brave.  Your heart doesn't break through that journey.  Rather . . . it comes alive.  As this magnificent being gifted to me - the knowing . . . of . .  THE CRADLE OF LIGHT which holds us all as we make our way . . . HOME.  Indeed.  A moment of such a powerful revealing was that time which he gifted to me . . . that I have most truly never again been the same.  AND THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING. 
COME.  You'll see what I mean.  It changes you - to glimpse that peace, that light, that beautiful taste of heaven.  For whatever your religious beliefs . . . heaven was present that day.  And my friend was so beautifully enwombed within . . .   a loving cradle of light.  IF we but knew . . . grief would leave us.  As it seems it has left me now . . . forever more.  Potent. Powerful.  Transformative.  I was gifted the energy of all of these on that day.  They can be yours too.  If you trust.  If you choose.  If you . .  . BELIEVE.

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