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TRINE 03c - "EXALT" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 03c - "EXALT" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 77.00

Part 3
Of a most rare and enchanting TRINITY.


First came "WEAVE"

Who was followed by the magical energy of "DANCE".

Now comes . . . the regal, ascendant "EXALT".

It is incredibly hard to put into words any kind of intellectual introduction to "EXALT" . . . you do just have to experience her.  Get to know her.  BEHOLD HER . . . BEAUTY, HER GRACE, HER WISDOM.

But even saying that, I know you yearn to know more.  That's part of her invitation, you see.  TO GO HIGHER!

"EXALT" comes to take the new light you have birthed in the first two essences of this trinity - "WEAVE" and "DANCE" - and guide you into a spectacular, breathtaking FLIGHT.  Exalt releases energies and prisms of light within you that allow you now to soar like never before - to glide - to . . . ELEVATE.

In short - to make a cosmic, celestial ASCENSION in your light field that elevates all aspects of you.  But especially . . . YOUR LIGHT BODY.

Be ready to fly . . .
When you welcome "EXALT" into your life. 
She changes your world.  COMPLETELY.
Are you ready for that?
Of course you are . . .
That's why you
Have come!



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