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12 - "DANCING THROUGH YOUR FEARS"<br>(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

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When we open our hearts and embrace the path of Light, of Love, and of Oneness - something truly magical happens.  We begin to realize that OUR FEARS are not the truest part of ourselves.  We've adopted them - they live in our mind, not our heart - and they can be released.

A beautiful gift of raising your vibration is THE SPIRALS OF LIGHT which come forward to help you - TO ILLUMINATE your fears and TO DISSOLVE their roots.

These can come in the form of teachings or lessons, but most come in some very magical and truly whimsical ways - IF we are open, IF we see that which is taking presence . . . by peering through the eyes of our soul.

Your Sacred Heart is the sabre of light to use as you walk this path.  The Journey will open you, expand you and illuminate truths and wisdom about who you truly are that will defy your mind.  But you will know they are true - for you.  And a new life . . . is then born.

Trusting our connections - to our heart, to spirit, to our highest wisdom - is the guiding light which beckons us into ONENESS.  Why wait?



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