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"11-The Enchanted Ones -<br>ORCHIDAE, AN ENCHANTED ONE"<br>FREE Awakenings Class Video

"11-The Enchanted Ones -
FREE Awakenings Class Video

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Come meet Orchidae, a MOST ENCHANTED one!!!

She will change the way you think about life – simply by sharing her own. Ever the teacher, she lives her choices from the highest space of LIGHT – and touches all those who learn of her story with a special does of AWAKENING MAGIC of their very own.

And a visit by StarChild for another brief vignette of her life puts our own choices into VERY DEEP PERSPECTIVE.

What is right? What is true? What is . . . LOVE?

Come and see for yourself what these two have chosen – and how they created miracles, of two very different kinds, as they did so.






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