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10 "JEWELS OF LIGHT" -  Sacred Essence

10 "JEWELS OF LIGHT" - Sacred Essence

$ 33.00
Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences
Infuse your life with frequencies of Light and Love
Rarely encountered in this realm.
This ESSENCE is called "JEWELS OF LIGHT".   NO matter where you think wealth comes from or what it is made of . . . ahhh, the soul knows a truer truth.  THAT OF LIGHT. 
The Jewels of Light are extraordinary gifts of magic.  They change us - from the inside out.  They inspire us - as if from out of thin air.  And they carry us to the shore of a whole new realm.  One in which everything we seek or need seems to bubble up into presence from somewhere within us.  JEWELS OF LIGHT embodies this one sacred principle:  in ONENESS, we have all we need. 
If we live that truth, our soul enacts and calls forth the most amazing JEWELS OF LIGHT.  They are . . . the gifts of spirit.  BLISS.  WISDOM.  TRUE LOVE.  And something even more precious . . . PURE LIGHT.  Our truest knowing of ourselves.  Why wait?  The discovery and revelation of the LIGHT at the center of your heart can change everything.  More importantly .  .  .  it beckons you home.  TO TRULY KNOW . . . the JEWELS you carry inside you.  Just waiting for you to know they are there.  It is time. 
Are you ready?  A Single Drop . . .  and your journey begins.  Wow - we can't wait to how it will transform you.  Magically, powerfully, soulfully.  Of these, we are certain!

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