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TRINE 03a - "WEAVE" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 03a - "WEAVE" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 77.00

Part 1
Of a most rare and enchanting TRINITY.



Refers to this:



A cosmic, auric field REBIRTH

That returns you into a frequency you have yet to discover,

But which is a memory that lives on

Deep within you ever more.


After completing this essence, THAT FREQUENCY can never be erased - forgotten - diminished.  It's not just RENEWED - it's returned to her original intentioned splendor within you.  It's like . . . coming home  And more.


Beyond your wildest imagination, THIS TRANSFORMATION is unlike anything ever before experienced on earth.  Your Auric Field goes through a breathtaking, mind-defying creation of light which completely and utterly reweaves it.  That weaving is called forth by, takes place within, and comes into presence through . . . ONLY . . . the most sacred of light.  ONENESS.

It will change you - no doubt.  It will elevate your senses - indeed.  And it will open a new vision inside you of who you are and have come to earth to become.  It's as if . . . once complete . . . this WEAVE opens windows and doorways in a sacred vault within that have long been keep closed.  And then it happens . . . you FEEL as if you have truly become . . . YOUR TRUEST SELF.

You are home.

WEAVE.  An oh-so-special, oh-so-powerful . . . soulful essence.  Transformation in a bottle?  YES.  Alchemy placed into your own very hands?  INDEED.   Birth of a new, ecstatically present you?  WHY NOT?!?!?!?

Her potential is earth-shattering . . . quite literally!  What will she GIFT to you?

For make no mistake . . . SHE IS A RARE AND COSMIC GIFT OF LIGHT - and LIFE.  Like no other.

The choice is yours . . . choose soon. 

Choose wisely. 

Choose . . .




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