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TRINE 02c - "REVEAL THE GIFT" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 02c - "REVEAL THE GIFT" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 66.00

Part 3
Of a very special, life-defining TRINITY.



She was followed by "VIVIFY THE KNOWING".

Now comes the part that weaves the magic and gifts of the first two . . .

And takes you where you wish to be.

She takes what is birthed in the first two essences, and weaves that into a pathway that takes you where you most wish to be - REVEALING that which you seek.

Be ready.  There's no holding back in this one - she defies your fears, invokes your mastery, and initiates that which you most need in order to move into your destiny.  Questions?  Doubts?  NO LONGER HERE.

 She comes forward in a flourish to say . . . now that you SEE, now that you KNOW, now that YOU ARE CLEAR . . . a new wisdom of spirit awaits you.  Awaits you to step into its majesty, its presence, its beauty - and, undoubtedly, its power.

She waits.

For You.

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