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TRINE 02b - "VIVIFY THE KNOWING" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 02b - "VIVIFY THE KNOWING" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 55.00

Part 2
Of a very special, life-defining TRINITY.



She is followed by the deeply profound "VIVIFY THE KNOWING".

Let me tell you about her . . .

She is magical.

Well, it is obvious, isn't it . . . that SHE named herself!  VIVIFY is not a word that I would use or think of - but indeed - she gave it to me, just the same.  WITH CONFIDENCE.  WITH ASSURANCE.  WITH A MOST DIVINE AND SACRED . . . KNOWING.

A knowing of both who she is - and what she has come to do.

Vivify means, to her, TO MAKE BRIGHT - TO MAKE CLEAR - to take whatever is known or has just been discovered . . . or revealed . . . AND MAKE IT stunningly CLEAR.  BRILLIANTLY BRIGHT.  SEEN.

In other words, she takes that which is revealed in the first essence of this trio - THE ILLUMINATION - and she brings even greater light and clarity to adorn its wisdom.  She will ensure that . . . there is ON MISTAKE about what you have seen, what you now know, what is now true.

CRYSTAL CLARITY - with a boost of exceptionally bright, blindingly clear - knowing.

This removes doubts, confusions, and . . . a sense of not being quite sure.

Now, to be entirely honest, you may not be quite ready for THIS MUCH CLARITY, lol!  But it comes as a gift from your soul - and is, indeed, a precious and rare thing. 

Accept the invitation it holds -

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