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08 - "MAGIC & THE GIFT<br> OF OUR TIME TOGETHER"<br>(FREE)  Hearts Of Light Video

(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

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Our Magical Conversations on the front porch were intimate, expansive, and soulfully divine.  They were also truly MAGICAL!  Why?  Because they hold the power to transform you from the inside out.

When we expand our understanding of ourselves and life around us, we allow our own inner wisdom to step forward.  Here, we are guided to transform ourselves, from within, as OUR ESSENCE takes the lead with the ever-present purpose of guiding us into more of WHO WE TRULY ARE.

Your Destiny Awaits - and learning to expand your knowing of life, learning to be true, and embracing ways of living through your fears as your vibration rises . . . brings you ever closer to THE TRUE YOU.  Here, all your gifts can be given to the world - and your happiest, best life appears for the taking.

You get to choose who YOU TRULY ARE.  WE all do.  And that choice is made every day as you meet your fears, and learn to dance with - and through - them.

Our time together here is precious.  WE grow and expand, as we CHOOSE what LOVE means to us.  And, in that choosing, we find who we are meant to really be.  And that, magical ones, reveals the greatest gift of all - WHO WE TRULY ARE - and how to live our happiest, most fulfilling life.

You will be amazed at  who you can become, if you truly open your mind and let your heart TAKE THE LEAD.  You'll never turn back - it's too magical, too beautiful, too fulfilling - when you begin living in this way.  Ready?









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