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06 - "SOUL PURPOSE, DEATH & SACRED KNOWING"<br>(FREE)  Hearts Of Light Video

(FREE) Hearts Of Light Video

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Though we can see through human eyes and shake our heads, OUR ESSENCE knows - and sees - a wider realm.  Here, the truth of every soul - and the highest light of every situation - is revealed for all to see.

When we begin to live in this space, that which once would have ripped our heart out . . . now fills us with great awe at the power and presence of AN ESSENCE, A SOULFUL BEING, creating with all the colors of the rainbow.

We are humbled.  We are blessed.  And we begin to open to the hidden beauty and magic - soulful purpose and gifts of love - which the most difficult or seemingly senseless unfoldings can hold.

We rise, on invisible wings, and see from a space deep inside ourselves.  A space where fear does not exist.  And a space where ONLY LOVE . . . is true.  And real.

Try it.  It will change EVERY THING about you and how you see the world - and yourself!

Why would you not?






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