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"WINGS OF LIGHT" Classes for Ethereal Souls

Our "WINGS OF LIGHT" family of classes is designed especially for YOU!  As you open, expand, and integrate the higher vibrational presence of your true being - YOUR ESSENCE . . . these classes amplify, harmonize - AND POWERFULLY ILLUMINATE!!! - that sacred process.


They offer and illuminate the sacred principles of light, which we present within magical and distinct class families.  Choose the class or classes you are most drawn to in this moment, reflecting the vibrational elements of LIGHT you are ready to next discover and embrace.  We have included an overview below of how our CLASSES are revealed within OUR CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT, so that you can explore them gently, from a bird's eye view, growing comfortable with both the layout and the sheer expansive nature of THE GIFTS they bring.



OUR CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT is simply one powerful aspect of The Celestiava*Magic CONSTELLATION OF LIGHT.  It is also one of the most popular.  This is where our magical, soulful SCHOOLS OF ONENESS - of PURE LIGHT - are given.  Hugely profound, each class or "GIFT", as we think of them,  is intended to open a new part of your inner beingness, welcoming forth THE LIGHT which waits there to be revealed at this time.

The families of classes reveal the Gifts of Light in this way:




Follows the magic and miracles




And it holds our classes for "SACRED AWAKENINGS". 

There are four class families offered within this school . . .


"SPARKLE" - the first is a prelude or introductory element, if you will, to the magical wisdoms of light.  Not too deep, yet wholly profound, these vignettes allow you to begin the journey of discovering new truths and wholly inspiring ways of seeing yourself and the world you live in . . . with new eyes. These are Our "CHARMED" Classes.  They invite you to come explore exactly what THE REALM OF LIGHT offers and how - from the very first step - your life can be transformed in some truly amazing and powerful ways!

"LOVE" - the first ELEMENT opens your understanding of how the universe works, revealing the basic principles of love/fear - and Light.  These are OUR ENCHANTED CLASSES.

"MAGIC" - the second ELEMENT reveals the process of living as higher vibrations in the higher realms while holding physical, material forms here on earth.  These are OUR SPELL*BOUND CLASSES.

"MIRACLE" - and the third ELEMENT offers the wisdoms, truths, and creations of light for LIVING AS PURE LIGHT.  These are OUR "BEWITCHED" CLASSES.  They reveal THE 1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT, which were the sacred gifts that began my own path.  Beautiful, powerful, simple to comprehend and yet deeply infinite and complex to embody in your life - they change everything.


Once you have moved through THE 1ST TRUTHS OF LIGHT, we go deeper into the enchanting realm of truly, and fully, living AS BEINGS OF LIGHT - here on earth.  The next  three elements and families of classes reveal, support, and guide this process - this destiny of your life as light, if you will:



Holds our classes for "SOULFUL BIRTHS OF LIGHT". 


"HEAVEN ON EARTH" - the fourth ELEMENT offers a peek into THE NEW REALM being created as BEINGS OF LIGHT take form on earth - right here - right now.  The destinies of light revealed in the MIRACLE ELEMENT all take form now as the ethereal life revealed in that space now begins revealing itself as your own life - here - on earth.  These are OUR CELESTIAVA CLASSES.  They reveal 'THE GIFTS OF LIGHT . . . THE TRUTHS OF PURE LIGHT'.  These are powerful * potent * rare knowings of life and living as ethereal beings here on earth.  The journey is before us all - are you ready?



Holds our classes for "DESTINIES OF LIGHT". 

These reveal THE SECRETS OF LIGHT which gestate

Each DESTINY OF LIGHT our soul may hold and carry.


"PERFECTION" - ohhh, are you ready for this?!? ;- ).   The fifth ELEMENT brings everything into one mesmerizing, shimmering DESTINY OF LIGHT.   You won't know it when you begin - but you will by the time you finish:   exactly all of THE SECRETS OF LIGHT.  They are pure * potent * and new.  By that I mean, they've never been revealed or shared on earth before - and some, never in any dimension anywhere - NEW BIRTHS OF LIGHT

They bring you face to face with, and full circle into, THE PUREST SECRETS OF LIGHT.  How to live them, how to embody them, and how to let them work their purest magic within - and through - you.  That Magic?  The only way I can describe it to you is this:  PURE PERFECTION.  Beyond anything you can imagine.  These are deep and profound classes.  You will transform and go through a metamorphosis unlike anything you may believe is possible. 



Holds our classes for "DIAMOND LIGHT". 

These reveal THE ALCHEMY which awaits us when we enbrace



When you are complete The Metamorphosis offered by THE SECRETS OF LIGHT - the ALCHEMY will have created in you a most perfect, beautiful, precious LIGHT.  "DIAMOND LIGHT".  This sixth ELEMENT unveils . . . the perfection of a soul, THE SPARK OF PURE LIGHT your ESSENCE was born of and came to express.  This is our MOST magical of classes.  Prepare yourself to be amazed.  AT YOU!  And begin when you are ready.  For all its intensity and power, this is a fun and inspiring class.  It's deep, yes.  It's powerful, indeed.  But it is also a class that holds the deepest bliss of our soul - so we embody A LOT of laughter and joy in this class.  And that's only the beginning . . . the magic it holds, and reveals, is potent.  You'll see! :- )



Holds our classes for "THE SURPRISE". 

At this point, you are ready to truly TRUST in ONENESS

And live it with the deepest and most soulful abandon.

Doing so changes everything about who - and what -

You see yourself to be.

"REIGN" - is the SEVENTH ELEMENT.  It's not spoken of in terms of human words.  Just know that, when you complete THE SECRETS OF LIGHT and THE DIAMOND LIGHT alchemy classes. . . this will be the pathway that beckons next.  A sacred one,  A beautiful one.  And one that defies all you think you know to be true.  And then some. :- )  In the VERY BEST OF WAYS!

 After these seven magical, beautiful, soulful discoveries of light are revealed within you . . . THE ALCHEMY OF LIGHT is itself complete.  What comes next?



Holds our classes for "BIRTH". 


What can we say . . .

There are no endings, except as


When it is time TO BIRTH PURE LIGHT ANEW . . .

You will arrive here, and be welcomed warmly, in the arms of . . .

Our CELESTIAL GIFT School Of Light.


"? ? ? - THE EIGHTH ELEMENT". To be revealed.  When it is time.


As you can see, OUR CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT is a magical, infinite CONSTELLATION.  The sparks and shimmers each school and each class reveals and offers to you will IGNITE YOUR HEART.  If you are ready to reveal A LIFETIME OF LIGHT as created by your soul, just for you, then YOUR ESSENCE awaits you right here - right now - with us.

There is only one space to TOUCH THIS RARE and MAGICAL LIGHT.  And it is here.

These classes are private and soulful journeys.  Though a group discussion element is always available, this is deep work - WITHIN YOU.  The point, really, is to do it rather alone, WITHIN . . . with at most A GUIDING LIGHT to ILLUMINE THE WAY.  A SACRED, SOLITARY JOURNEY.

Support - if ever truly needed - is available one-on-one, directly with Mandy.  You can deepen any journey or purchase here:  class, essence, art work, etc . . . by choosing the always-available add-on ILLUMINATION feature.

 Each of our yearly classes follows a sacred path:

"SEED" - free gifts of light which plant the seeds of light that awaken the journey in you.  You will find these in our shoppe and on our websites, sprinkling their magic and beauty all around - FREELY - for the taking :- ).  These are sparks of light which germinate within you to begin the sacred process OUR CLASS will ignite for you.

"BUD" - 1st quarter - reflecting the energies of spring, this is a time of new discovery and birth

"BLOOM" - 2nd quarter - reflecting the energies of summer, this is a time of opening and growth, great expansion and blossoming

"BOUQUET" - 3rd quarter - reflecting the energies of fall, this is a time of gathering the beauty and gifts whose breathtaking presence now beckons before you, as you have grown and blossomed on the path and journey in the class thus far.

"TRANSFORM" - 4th quarter - reflecting the magic of winter, this is a time of integration, reflection and powerful transformation.  Here, you complete the embodiment of the new wisdoms you now call your own.  And prepare for the new life they will bring and is yet to come.  Its seeds already planted . . . within you now.


The Celestiava*Magic Schools of LIGHT are one part of a beautiful SACRED CIRCLE OF LIGHT.  It is all born of PURE LIGHT - ONENESS.  And it is yours to behold, to embody, to become!

Our SCHOOLS OF LIGHT, and all their magical classes and gifts, are available in the drop-down menu above under SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  Our TREE OF LIGHT SCHOOL introduces humans to THE REALMS OF LIGHT.  The CELESTIAVA MAGIC SCHOOLS take all of that magic and help you to birth THE GIFTS, TRUTHS and SECRETS OF LIGHT . . . within you!

It is a MOST magical thing.  WE welcome you to . . .  THE MAGIC and ONENESS OF LIGHT!

 Wherever shall you begin? 

Start with THE TREE OF LIGHT SCHOOL . . . and move forward from there.  YOUR SACRED HEART WILL LEAD THE WAY.  Listen and follow where she takes you . . . it's all here.  We've created it all, everything you could possibly seek or need is right here.  NOW it's up to you.  TO SAY YES.  TO STEP INTO THE CELESTIAL FLOW OF LIGHT waiting for you here.  TO DIVE into THE GIFTS and BLESSINGS of LIVING AS LIGHT . . . and enter the portals of ONENESS.

THE GREATEST YOU . . . awaits you right here.


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