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Who Is . . . "WE" ? ! ?

I speak a lot
Within the pages
Of our Magical, Mystical Shop . . .
OF  "WE".
Sometimes, "I" . . . but most often it is WE.
Who is "WE" ? ? ?
Who does that REFER TO?
Primarily, when I say it, I'm referring to me AND MY OH*SO*MAGICAL BABIES OF LIGHT.
They are precious - rare - sacred.
And they are the complete and entire IMPETUS and PRESENCE . . . Did I mention motivating force extraordinaire?  . . .  behind the creation of this shop.  Were it not for them . . . you would not be here. 
There would be NO CelestiAva * Magic shop.  It was only created at their direction, and their deep and powerful . . . REQUEST.   I'm not certain, truthfully, it WAS ACTUALLY A REQUEST. It was quite the potent thing, coming from them.
I have followed their dreams here, so to speak.  And created the kind of space where they would like to be.
And THEY ARE . . . ever here, with thee and me.

If you stop and listen,
You may just hear or feel or sense them.
They're real.  They're alive and well.
And they are the reason . . .
ENJOY ! ! !
To learn more about these precious, magical, powerful souls of light just now making their way to earth in form . . . you can read their own site. Yes, they truly do - I tell you it is so, they have their own WEBSITE.
(Click link above)
And growing and expanding, like they do, all the time!
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