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WHO IS . . . Celesti*Ava ?


This is the question . . . 

Most often asked by those who find themselves wandering through our shop, looking at the creations.


My name is Mandy.  And CelestiAva came to me in a dream.  Well, sort of.

It's a very long story, and if you are wishing to, you can read more about it HERE:



But the short version is this:


I met MY SOUL. 


The part of me that transcends time and space, this material realm, and all others.  The SPARK OF LIGHT where the wholeness from which every expression of ME, in all its forms, always springs forth from.  Think of it as the very first DEWDROP which eventually creates a whole lake.  THAT FIRST SPARK.

As I worked my way through the wisdoms she shared, and as I grew stronger at raising my vibration - which, in the beginning, meant dissolving my fears - greater and deeper wisdoms would flow.  It was a powerful time.  So powerful, in fact, that I was in quite the state - SICK as SICK could be (you would think), to look at me or my life or what my body was going through.  For over ten years.  Quite the journey that has been.  It's not entirely over, either . . .sigh. :- )  But I have made it to that place where I can at least look back and see that . . . I'm almost done.

In the process of that journey, those connections, and all that sprang forth after . . . this incredible EXPANSION took form.  My mind, my heart, my body, my emotions - everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, transformed.  And in that space, creations began birthing.  I didn't know it at the time, and in the beginning, I resisted quite a bit.  I finally figured out, the more I resisted, the sicker I became.  Yes - that was a key to getting better and feeling better. 

As it happens, the creations coming were things I was unfamiliar with.  Things I knew nothing about.  Things I had no idea HOW TO DO or HOW TO MAKE or HOW TO CREATE.  And I wasn't to take a class or google anything.  I was just to - STEP IN - and let it flow. 

Let IT come to ME.

Well, that's all fine, well and good - but - WHO DOES THAT!?

Over time, I grew more calm within that flow, I trusted IT and MYSELF more and more - and MAGIC would happen.  All around me.  I don't mean the pull a bunny out of a hat magic.  I mean - the soulful kind.  The kind that TRANSFORMS YOU - and impacts all those your life touches.  THAT kind of magic.

This past year, 2015, has been a WATERFALL of transformation, of the most powerful kind.  And in the midst of that . . . as I reached DECEMBER 1st . . . something new came.  THIS SHOP.  Imagine that!? 

All the things I've been "CREATING" in between bouts of incredible "SEEMING ILLNESS" . . . are now ready to have their presence announced to the world.

I've experienced quite a few things in my life

That most people would consider a tragedy. 

And within each one, wrapped in the dark ashes of what happened . . . was a miracle.  A real, true, mind-defying miracle.  I have come to believe we create them - with OUR LOVE.  With our ability to SEE THE LIGHT and to find A HIGHER TRUTH within that which appears dark or wickedly powerful.  Powerful times, yes.  But perhaps .  .  . they offer us our MOST INSPIRATIONAL MOMENTS of creation.

I came to realize that THIS SOUL*ful aspect of me that came forth and whispered a name in my heart . . . was not something we as humans cannot touch.  RATHER, she was there, letting me know, she was reminding me of who I TRULY AM.  And that, powerful journey though it would be, I was about to merge the human MANDY self I knew . . . into THE SPARK OF LIGHT at my center, who I truly am.

We can all do this. 

It's a powerful thing. 

It requires us of that we live utterly without fear.  These Creations you find here . . . were formed in that space where LOVE is pure.  And that is where we, each of us, find OUR TRUEST, MOST WHOLE SELF.

The question then becomes - who do we choose to be?  Who do we choose to live as?  The part we thought of as who we were?  OR THE FULL, WHOLE BEING.

CelestiAva is my full, whole, SOUL SPARK OF LIGHT.

And I live my life as exactly that.

I keep my name, Mandy, because . . . it is a beautiful reminder to me . . . of the tiny fragment of my true self that I THOUGHT I WAS.  The one with all those those fears, the one with that limited vision, the one who thought LOVE held FEAR.  The one who forgot that to be truly LOVING we must STEP INTO OUR WHOLENESS.  And live from our very center spark of light.

And as I do that, these creations just pour.

A Waterfall of Light my soul expresses each and every day.  And many more besides.  My most powerful creations are hardly even here, in this shop.  They don't fit!  They . . . are HUGE.  In every sense of the word.  So CelestiavaMagic is our shop - where we share a wee slice of the MAGIC we create.  Just a bit . . . :- ) . . . the rest is just TOO BIG to be held in this space.

 THE NAME itself - doesn't truly matter. 

Not to anyone but me. 

It's just something I HEARD in my heart, and honestly, our language can't convey it.  This is just the closest I could come to A NAME that sounded like it . . . but it isn't quite it.  It's just the best our language can do with something that came from beyond this realm.  The thing is this - she did not tell the name.  IT ROSE UP WITHIN ME.  And that's the key to soul names.  They are never revealed by another.  THAT FIRST SPARK only shares its name when you are merged in a state of oneness with it - and you KNOW your NAME from within yourself. 

Sound magical? 

Oh, indeed.  If it hadn't been in the midst of a gateway of barfing and migraines and sensitivities that we don't even fathom are human . . . I might have thought so at the time.  At the time, it simply sounded beautiful.  And felt truly important.  Since then . . . I've come to discern how rare a thing it is.  And how truly MAGICAL it is.  Of the best kind!


My question  to you would be this:
DO YOU KNOW that same thing? 
And if not . . . why not begin? 
It changes everything.  I can attest to that!  :- )
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