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Who Am I . . . ?



I'm often asked . . . WHO I AM.

And what is expected in return is this: 


Well, you see, my life is huge and my heart and soul are epic.  We don't fit in those narrow containers.  I'm not saying people themselves have narrow minds . . . that is not what I said.

But when you ask someone a question like that - or ask them to introduce themselves . . . you're asking BIG QUESTIONS.  Ones that require full presence and deep knowing to truly answer. 

So if what you REALLY MEAN is that you want A LABEL, well - just say so.  I can give you a hundred of those.  And you know what?  You still will not KNOW ME. :- )

So here is what I would like to say to you . . . if you want to ask, WHO AM I :

I will share my whole, true, pure heart with you - with unflinching honesty and presence.  But if you just want a shorter version - giggle*giggle - I've written this so you can take a peek inside my heart.  Because that is ever who I AM.  MY HEART and MY SOUL.

Oh, and that tag line some so desire? 


The truest of magic! 

There you go.

:- )



I LOVE . . . fairies and angels and sparkles of Light

I Live in a realm others often say does not exist.

Yet it is as real as they are

It is - to them -

Simply Missed.



I behold the shimmer of a fairy's wings

And see the same glint of magic in a newborn soul when it sings.

I always find a sparkle in every storm that draws near

And rainbows are a specialty of mine

Did you know I CAN FEEL THEM even before they appear?


And so it is, I thought you'd like to know . . .

If you ask me WHO I AM, I will simply say this:

These are a few of the things I love . . .

What About Thee?


Here you will get no 'bio"

Or list of places I have worked or service given.

Those are things that are about doing

And you see, I'd rather you get to know Me

By My Celestial HEART.


Labels,  you see, are hugely limiting.

And they tend to be designed to create fences.


And so we ascribe to a truer resume than most.

That Of . . . WHAT I LOVE!


Of course, there is more that I love,

And ever more to me!

Than will ever fit in a sound-byte

Or even a resume page.


So honestly, it's best . . .

If you really want to KNOW ME

Just come explore my shop and websites.

There you will ever find . . .



And if you ask me . . .

That is TRULY how you get to know another.

By listening to their heart . . .

And seeing through their soul.


This is part of mine.



And My Shop of Magical Light:







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