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Who Am I ?

I'm often asked . . . WHO I AM.

And what is expected in return is this:  A SNIPPET.  A TAGLINE.  A SOUND*BYTE.

Well, you see, my life is huge and my heart and soul are epic.  We don't fit in those narrow containers.

I'm not saying people themselves have narrow minds . . . that is not what I said.

But when you ask someone a question like that - or ask them to introduce themselves . . . you're asking BIG QUESTIONS.  Ones that require full presence and deep knowing to truly answer. 

So if what you REALLY MEAN is that you want A LABEL, well - just say so.  I can give you a hundred of those.  And you know what?  You still will not KNOW ME. :- )

So here is what I would like to say to you . . . if you want to ask me, WHO AM I :

 I will share my whole, true, pure heart with you - with unflinching honesty and presence.  But if you just want a shorter version - giggle*giggle - I've written this so you can take a peek inside my heart.  Because that is ever who I AM.  MY HEART and MY SOUL.

Oh, and that tag line?  I'm ALL ABOUT SPIRIT * LIGHT * LOVE - magic!  There you go.


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