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What To Do If
You Cannot Afford Something On Our Shoppe

Our prices are magical.  Truly.  Like everything else in our shoppe, they carry a primary component of energy - a frequency and vibration which reflects the sacred intent of the creation.itself.

Our creations CHOOSE their prices.  Yes, they do.  They choose - I listen and enact.  Why?  Because that is the way . . . of ONENESS.  IT IS ALSO, come to find out, the method which holds the most magic for all souls involved - both you and me.

When you purchase something in our shoppe, you align with its frequency.  Even before it is sent to you, the energies of its creational gifts begin flowing to you.

Likewise, if you are soulfully drawn to something in our shoppe, if you yearn for something here - from essence to art to class - that you simply feel certain you cannot afford . . . JUST WAIT!  What I mean is this.  The magic of using vibrational prices set by the creations themselves is this:  they hold magic and unseen powers.

If you are meant to have, receive, or partake in an item - but feel it is outside of your reach just yet - WAIT.  Let the magic weave its presence in your life.  The prices are set in such a way as to allow ALL WHO ARE TRULY MEANT TO RECEIVE THAT PARTICULAR ITEM, CREATION, OR BLESSING . . . to be able to do so.

So whether you currently live in a  mansion or on the street . . . when it is time, when the perfect moment has come, then you will receive exactly what you need in order to purchase that which you know is to be yours.  And when you do?  Enormous additional abundance magically finds its way into your life.

From now until then, listen to your heart - honor the knowing you find and hear there . . . that something in the shoppe is meant to be yours.  While doing so, keep your eyes and ears open and pay close attention to the silent messages and sparkling shimmers which come your way.

The universe of light - and the sacred creation itself - will work on your behalf to ensure you have what you need at the perfect time to buy that which you know you are being called to buy.

And when you do, you will find that hidden blessings, invisible abundance, and magical ways all combine to bring you the gifts and blessings into your life which allow you to purchase that which is to be.  In this way, my creations themselves - and my soul! - will help bring TO YOU the funds - in some very surprising ways! - to get what you are drawn to have.

And this is the MAGIC of honoring all the energies of a creation.  They hold their own blueprint - and wield their own energy of abundance and creation.

All that you have to do is this:  TRUST.  And know.  That when it is time - it will be.  And the only trick is to be sure to honor the message when it comes.  Make certain that when the knowing and guidance comes and the abundance appears . . . that you DO IN FACT use the money for what it is intended to buy.  Don't stray.  Don't second guess it.  Don't over think it.  And don't reallocate it.

TRUST THE PROCESS.  And purchase the item when the universe brings you the means to do so - as guided.

Then, and only then, do you step fully and completely into THE FLOW OF PURE and TRUE ABUNDANCE . . . that is always meant to be yours.  It flows all around you.  Create inner alignment and trust the timing and the form the abundance takes - and whatever you seek in our shoppe . . .will be yours.  In the perfect way, at the perfect time, with the perfect price.

You'll see.   MAGIC lies in everything!  Including online shoppes and magical pricing.  We're well-versed in these magical flows of money and resources.  You can be, too.  Now's a great time to begin!

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