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Our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT"  are soulfully inspired, magically created BRACELETS. But these are no ordinary bracelets.  In fact, they are quite special and rare!
They came into being through a whirlwind of energies that defy explanation,  simply INSISTING they be created.  And do you know why?
There are times in every life when we yearn for an uplifting moment, a gift of light, or a gentle blessing – for ourselves or for another.  It may seem we cannot change a challenge or a struggle itself, but still we yearn for something beautiful, tender, and yet powerful to help or to bless - us or someone else  – along the way.
But how do you touch another's heart - or even your own! - with A GIFT OF LIGHT?  How do you actually give whatever is truly most needed?
At least for myself, I have found The Answer

A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT is a simple yet potent creation.  It is a gift that can harness the power of peace, joy, trust, illumination – even faith – within whomever it touches.

Our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" incorporate custom, original ESSENCES OF LIGHT we have created over the past two decades.  We have hundreds of them, and they hold the highest and purest energies of love, light, spirit and transformation.  These essences are powerful and can help to ignite and to expand THE GIFTS OF LIGHT ready to touch your life in beautiful ways! 

A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are a very special, yet RARE and POTENT gift.  At their heart, they are an INVITATION to use our own inner energies of love, light, soulful connection and gratitude . . . to open doorways within us that can bless and transform us, our lives, and those we hold dear - even those we do not know. 

A "BRACELET OF LIGHT" invites us, for a single moment, to discover the GIFTS OF LIGHT that appear in our lives.  The act of actually SEEING the gifts of light we hold and that come our way is an enormous thing. 

Awareness and gratitude for small and tender gifts, blessings, and joys we find in any moment is a force of light all its own.  Often, gifts of light present in our lives remain unnoticed, because we focus on what seems NOT to be there.  But our heart can overflow at the extraordinary happy surprise, large or small, that suddenly appears and takes our breath away - if we let it. 

GIFTS OF LIGHT have the power to transform our lives in miraculous ways - but we have to take the first step.  We have to SEE  and HONOR THEM.

A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" is a tender and soulful gift, created intentionally for you, to call forth a beautiful energy - from inside you.  Our bracelets can strengthen your knowing that LIGHT is always there - within you, around you, and within others.  GRACE.  GRATITUDE.  PRESENCE. 

When we truly choose TO SEE, to be consciously aware of and grateful for, the GIFTS OF LIGHT that cross our path each day . . . we open our hearts ever wider to create, to receive, and even to give!, more of the same.

A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" can move mountains.  It’s all up to you.  You can take  it lightly - or deeply - into your life, and watch as the beauty and power of a heart that is awakened to the presence of LIGHT brings forth a very special grace.  Your bracelet can be a playful moment of whimsy from time to time, or a complete devotion you focus your intention on from your inner depths frequently. 

You can bring forth a very special transformation into the world around you, and it originates from deep within you.  YOU hold all the power - of spirit and of love - deep within you!  It is a magnificent power we are all blessed and gifted with inside.  And, beautifully, it is always there, waiting to be ignited – touched - remembered

Our bracelets are a tender yet potent way to turn your attention for a moment to what truly matters most – the gifts of light and love, the blessings and wonders of life, that touch your heart . . . which you can choose to find in your life each and every day.

What exactly is "THE SACRED TOUCH?  At first, it is the very rare, very special light-filled essences that infuse the bracelet's beads and stones.  That LIGHT ENERGY can flow to you any time you put your attention on the bracelet and THE LIGHT around you.  But, truly, THE SACRED TOUCH becomes . . .  YOU.  Your Heart.  Your Soul.  Your Spirit.  Your Energy.  YOUR LOVE.  YOU then become a part of . . . the sacred touch, too!   You can read more about our A SACRED TOUCH creations and the magic they hold HERE.

Our very inspired ESSENCES OF LIGHT are just waiting to help you ignite THE LIGHT within you and within your life.  And perhaps some unseen beings or touches of love from the invisible realms may just join you along the way :- ).  You can become A TOUCH OF LIGHT in your own life and in the lives of others!

If you would like to know more of the very unusual CREATION STORY for these bracelets, please read our own magical story here.
The question that haunted me deeply at that time was this:  what if ONE SIMPLE, HUMBLE ACT – A SACRED TOUCH OF LIGHT – could truly and deeply change the world?  One ripple, one tiny ripple, at a time.  One heart, one life, one blessing, ONE GIFT OF LIGHT at a time, the ripples flowing out to eventually touch one another.
I believe it can!
And now by special request, you can purchase your very own A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" for yourself or as a gift for another HERE. 
I had no intention to create these for my shoppe, but the bracelets are meant to go forth into the world through others as well.  Feel free to spread their light far and wide!
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