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What Began As A Spark Of Light . . .

Awakenings Of Light, the gift, transformation

What began, ages ago it now seems, as a single spark of light . . . has birthed a whole new world.  A NEW REALM where all of life itself holds the purest and truest frequencies of light - pure love - undying truth.

Here, magic is the unseen ether breathed by all in their existence of life.  And here, the power of our ESSENCE or SOUL is unleashed in every moment - guiding our path, feeding our destiny, moving us into ever-expanding concentric circles of expression . . . OF WHO WE TRULY ARE.  BEINGS OF LIGHT.

It is here that I live.  It is here, in this realm, that my life is formed and created.  And, it is here that I have learned to wield my power to create, to fathom and to live in harmony with all of life.  This creates not just TRUE BLISS.  But unlimited life.  Truly.  Immortality is yours if you live within the heart of oneness.  And - death is not the end point we humans believe it to be.  Rather, it is a DOORWAY.  And that doorway becomes simply an echo chamber in this new realm where you move into ever expanding expressions of your truest, deepest self.

Beyond all we think we know - of life, of spirit, of this physical realm we believe we live in - there is more.  SO MUCH MORE.  And the key to unlocking all its gifts for us, and all its power for creating true joy, is to live our soul's deepest purpose.  The quandary, though, is this:  if you see that purpose from a human perspective - you fail.  And if you see it from spirit but enact, or try to enact, it in any way from the physical viewpoint - you fail.  This is because both the mind and duality, human and physical truths - are not relevant here, in this new realm.  They are, in fact, part of the illusion which is the gate keeper - fear.  It lowers our vibrations and keeps us on the doorstep of that which . . . we truly most cherish and treasure, yearn for and dream of . . . in our deepest being.

So our classes, our essences, our art, our connections, and all of our other creations . . . are reflections of the frequencies of oneness.  Higher vibrations which, when unleashed in your life, dissolve and melt away all that is not true, not real, for you . . . preparing the canvas for all the light which is to come.  That Light?  Well, it is you.  THE TRUE YOU.  Your highest and purest and truest expression of being - PURE LIGHT.

Join us.  For all the awakenings within you that you can hold.  Believe me when I say, it is THE ONLY WAY to create . . . a truly happy heart.  A pure reflection of all you truly are and came to be.

Why wait?  The window and doorway for these awakenings is open for a relatively short time.  Putting it off is a choice to not expand.  And why would you?  Why would you delay THE GIFT you came to discover?  Why would you hold back from yourself . . . the very transformations and awakenings which lead you to TRUE BLISS?

Why indeed!

IT IS TIME.  And you . . . are one of the chosen ones.  Chosen?  YES!  Chosen by your soul . . . to awaken into life here on earth as A BEING OF LIGHT.  The Calling has been issued.  No matter your path, no matter how spiritually aware you are or think you are - these are new truths.  These are new vibrational frequencies.  And these dissolve all you think you knew.

Celestial Light is now flooding our world here on earth.  There is a short, three year window at most for beginning the opening into its sacred windows of light.  Why Wait?  You'll miss the moment.  And it is the very treasure you came to earth to uncover within yourself.

LET'S BEGIN!  THE TRUE YOU is - quite literally - "DYING" to come out.  Not allowing that sacred awakening and transformation process to move front and center in your life . . . will suffocate you.  Rapidly.  This shoppe was created to present every tool you might need to honor that process and fulfill its destiny.  YOU . . . becoming . . . YOUR TRUEST LIGHT.

We're ready.  The gifts are here to uncover.  And you have a mentor whose living example of her own life will guide you forward . . . in every way possible . . . so you too can open to, embrace, and live for yourself - THE TRUE LIFE of YOUR DEEPEST BEING.


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